Review: Judge Dredd #1-3 (IDW)


This is the second go-round with a US-based Judge Dredd series.  DC tried their hand at Dredd for 18 issues of the main title in the mid-90s.  This time around IDW has the license and is starting out with mystery novelist Duane  Swierczynski as the writer and Nelson Daniel as the primary artist.  (More on […]

Thought Bubble announce first wave of guests for 2013 festival, unveil new logo


The UK’s largest comics festival, Thought Bubble, has announced it’s first wave of guests for this year. Declared rather unanimously to be the best festival on the British comics circuit by professionals and fans alike, Thought Bubble is situated in the North of England in it’s greatest city, which also just happens to be my […]

New Autoptic comics and art event announces Jamie Hernandez as guest star

autopticGraphic_Banners (2)

It’s all still a bit cloak and dagger (and very early days), but there’s a new and upcoming  event in Minneapolis this August. Cooked up by Zak Sally, Anders Nilsen, Tom Kaczynski (all of whom are currently faculty members at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design), local publishers 2D Cloud, TalkWeird Press, Grimalkin press and […]

Comics sales are back at 1994 levels, dawg


Industry analyst John Jackson Miller has taken the Bookscan numbers posted by Brian Hibbs, and added them with the Diamond year-end sales charts, and then triangulated them with a cosine angle, trapped the outlines in their own layer, tossed the results with a bit of olive oil and garlic, and presented it all for you to read. The above infographic gives a visual representation of sales for each product (GNs and periodical) in various channels; as Miller points out, library and digital sales are not included and the Bookscan numbers are very low, but the end result is a combined comics market of more than $700 million, which Miller notes, is the first time comics sales have reached this level since 1993 or 1994, the high times of speculation and chromium covers.