Holiday supplemental: X-Men Valentines by Matt Bors


ATTN MARVEL!!! Can you please do these as an insert next year?

One Hour of Valentine’s Day in comics


In the spirit of the season!

On the Scene: A History of Columbus Comics


Throughout the month of February, the Ohio Art League is showcasing a comic art exhibition curated by Ken Eppstein, creator, publisher and chief muckity-muck of Nix Comics, a local comic book publisher. Not only has Eppstein put together a delightful display showing the process in which a comic has made, he’s also arranged for three presentations about the past, present and future of comics in Columbus.

Retrofit Comics Spring Subscription series announced


Following in the mini comics subscription model used by Oily Comics, Retrofit has announced its Spring series with comics by Simon Moreton, Andrew White, Ze Jian Shen, Josh Bayer (Raw Power 2), Sophia Foster Diminio and Roman Muradov, plus a summer release from publisher Box Brown.

Kickstarter launches new app with redesigned interface


As long rumored, Kickstarter has announced a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch. You can download it here.

A Con Comes to Grand Rapids


Even as folks tape up their combat boots for the San Diego badge scramble, more modest events are springing up everyone —
even Grand Rapids, MI, which is getting the Grand Rapids Comic-Con on October 12 in Wyoming, Michigan. Organizer Mark Hodges is realistic about this first time show—he expects 2000-3000 people to attend event, to be held at the Home School Building—but can’t ignore the visions dancing in his head of a future show that draws 30,000 people, even if he can’t afford Ron Perlman this time.

Adhouse to publish Boulet’s The Darkness


You may not know the name Boulet, but this French artist is one of the most prolific and talented cartoonists working. Maybe you will recall his disgustingly accomplished 24-hour comic from last year, The Darkness. Or his blog, which includes English versions of his comics. That first link is getting a printed version in the US, courtesy of AdHouseIt’s due in April to tie in with Boulet’s 2013 US tour, and will be printed in a limited quantity. Hopefully this is only the first US edition of Boulet’s work to see print. Here’s a wee preview:

Scott McCloud reveals future book plans


In this week’s PW Comics World, I interviewed Jeremy Short—creator of the study on comics comprehension referenced here—about that study and a general overview of current research on how comics affect learning and cognizance. My takeaway: we’ll be seeing more of this. Along the way I chatted with Scott McCloud, who feels that the idea […]

San Diego Comic-Con badges go on sale on February 16th — here’s your video guide


This Saturday at February 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT), badges for the 2013 Comic-Con International San Diego will go on sale.

There will be joy, there will be despair, there will be tweets, there will be a video.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 2/14/2013: what time is love?


Rubert Grint to play a superhero, Orson Scott Card to play a supervillian.