Constantine #1 Preview (Or Hellblazer PG-13 If You Prefer)


DC has sent over a preview of the New 52 Hellblazer relaunch, renamed Constantine, possibly after the Keanu Reeves film (which was surprisingly decent).  As you can see below, where the Vertigo Hellblazer tended to stay in its own sandbox, this one starts out immediately integrating itself with the DCU.

Review: Django Unchained #2


First issues are easy – it’s the second issue where you get the proper measure of where a story is going, how it’ll play out, and what the style is going to be like. Of course, that isn’t really the case when you’re reviewing a comic which adapts a movie and follows the plot of […]

Black Bat Adds Artist, Confirms May Launch (Preview Art)


The Black Bat was one of the early character pulps from the 1930s, along with The Shadow and The Spider.  Like those last 2 pulps, The Black Bat is getting a comics revival over at Dynamite.  Brian Buccellato (co-writer on The Flash) is writing it. Roman Cliquet, who recently drew The Shadow Special #1 for Dynamite is the artist.

Nice Art: Kazu Kibuishi creates new Harry Potter covers


Talk about a high profile gig—for the15th anniversary of the series, Harry Potter is getting new covers for the paperback versions by cartoonist Kazu Kibuishi. All seven books will be released in a boxed set in September. Mary Grand Pré’s iconic (and work for hire) covers will continue to be used on the hardcover and digest-sized paperback editions.

Wertham and Are Comics Art? — is it 1981 again?


A must read and a must-read for masochists top our linkage today, both returning to topics that were much on the minds of anyone in comics about 30 years ago — oldies but goodies.

First and most importantly, library professor Carol Tilley has been going through Dr. Fredric Wertham’s notes and found out that he was, to use a technical term, full of hooey.

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: December 2012


This month’s DC sales column is not being hosted at The Beat. However if you speak German you can read ithere. The column will return in an English language version next month.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits: You got hedge fund in my Stan Lee!


§ Everyone is home safe and sound from the DC editorial retreat. Amazingly no one wandered off into the woods and didn’t come back.

Dallas Retailer Leads Way in Active Boycott of Orson Scott Card’s Superman Comic UPDATE – DC Release Statement

zeus comics

There’s been controvery over the past few days following DC’s decision to hire Orson Scott Card, a pioneer in contemporary homophobia, as one of the writers on a new digital-first Superman anthology series. And although the internet has been going back and forth on the subject for the past few days, the first active step […]

MENU by Rosenberg, Kindlon and Tom Scioli launches at TRIP CITY

The Trip City collective has released a new webcomic called MENU written by Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon (Ashcan Press and drawn by various. The strip kicks off with Tom Scioli (Gødland, Captain America)