Die hard Young Justice fans stand up to studio execs

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For those of you that don’t have cable or watch television, CBR broke the heart breaking news that Green Lantern and Young Justice was not renewed for another season to make room for Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go! There are some die hard fanboys and girls are not going to let the Warner Bros. studio […]

Why you should fund BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones


Okay rarely at the Beat do we issue a direct order but we’re playing that card. We want you to STOP reading this post immediately and go to this link and pledge some money for Maria Paz Cabardo’s film BETTER THINGS: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. DO IT. All finished! Great get a cookie!

Can Kevin Tsujihara help Warner Bros. overcome its fear of superheroes?

Lots of news emerged from Warner Bros. yesterday besides getting a new CEO.

On the most germane to our continuing investigations, Amazon, the Wonder Woman pilot being scripted by Allan Heinberg, has been put on hold for a while. It hasn’t been killed, but it “needs more time.” On the plus side, an off-season pilot may be ordered so it can go in as a midseason replacement. On the non-plussed side it’s yet ANOTHER superhero project that WB has put on hold or dithered over or fretted about.

SDCC ’13: Pro Badge-o-ween has come…and gone and is still there — UPDATE


First it was hotels, then it was badges…now it’s pro badges. Comic-Con International: San Diego professional badge registration went live at 1 pm Pacific time yesterday and free guest badges for attending professionals—once a little perk that everyone enjoyed—were gone in minutes, apparently. It isn’t exactly clear when pro badges actually became unavailable because there was a site meltdown, a “come back later” and then…there was only this:

On the Scene: Superman at 75, Celebrating America’s Most Enduring Hero


The Center for Jewish History hosted a celebration of the 2013 75th birthday of the seminal superhero Superman on January 27th with co-sponsorship from Columbia University Library. Though Superman’s cover-date advent in comics occurred in June of 1938, celebrations are gearing up early to take a look back at the Kryptonian’s origins and the impact […]

Nice art: Jeremy Bastian’s Gotham by Gaslight


This has been making the rounds, but it’s too lovely not to share: Jeremy Bastian’s Gotham by Gaslight, a commission he did for artist Dustin Nguyen. bastian is bets known as the artist of Cursed Pirate Girl, and if you haven’t seen the recent collection that came out from Archaia, you are missing one of the most physically beautiful graphic novels of the last year. Bastian is insanely talented…and also not the most prolific artist in the world. Nguyen got his sketch in 2007…smart move.

BREAKING: Kevin Tsujihara named Warner Bros CEO


In what has to be considered a shock, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Kevin Tsujihara has been named CEO of Warner Bros. replacing Barry Meyer and beating out TV head Bruce Rosenblum and film head Jeff Robinov, The three has been locked in an internal battle to see who could outlast who, and Bewkes went with the far less known Tsujihara. Nikki Finke has some of the gory details, which seem as intent on causing Rosenblum and Robinov’s privates to shrink to post-icy-dip size as much as business considerations: