To do today: Ana Merino on Los Bros at Ohio Union


This event features the amazingly smart Dr. Ana Merino talking about the Hernandez Brothers body of work. If you’re going write it up for us! So many comics events and symposiums and talks and exhibits going on. It is hard to keep up! but if you have one email us and we’ll update our calendar


Zadie Smith and Chris Ware talk about stories

This claims to be a video but only the audio is working for me. However either way you slice it acclaimed novelist Zadie Smith and cartoonist Chris Ware talking about story at the New York Public Library is a fascinating team up. For those who cannot absorb audio, there’s a write up of their December chat here.


Mike Carey Writing New Series for Boom!


Hey, have you ever wondered if a British writer was going to write a new series for Boom? But have you been unable to find out because everywhere you go is being obtuse?  Don’t worry! Because The Beat’s own Laura Sneddon interviewed Mike Carey for The New Statesman, like, a week ago, and he revealed that […]


First look at Jim Starlin’s Stormwatch covers


On his Facebook page, Jim Starlin has posted the B&W art from his covers for the first two issues—#19 and #20— of his run on Stormwatch. The inker is Rob Turner. If we’re not mistaken that’s the first time the “F” part of the Stormwatch “WTF” cover has been shown. In this case it looks like a villain has triumphed and a hero is dead. WTF?!?!?


Tomb Raider is back at Dark Horse


Continuing the parade of 90s media giants coming back to life, Dark Horse has just announced a team up with Crystal Dynamics™, a Square Enix® for TOMB RAIDER: The Beginning, a prequel to the upcoming Tomb Raider video game reboot due March 5. A 48-page hardcover, “TOMB RAIDER: The Beginning,” was written by lead game writer Rhianna Pratchett, lead game writer for TOMB RAIDER, with art by Nichola Daniel Sela, and Andrea Mutti, if the poster is to be believed. The cover art is by Tomb Raider art director Brian Horton.


Comixology goes to France and comes back with Delcourt


Speaking of the Angoulêeme comics festival, Comixology is there and making news. Earlier in the week it was the announcement of an office opening in France, and plans to offer local European language content throughout the continent. Since foreign sales were already a big part of Comixology’s English-language sales, this was a no-brainer. ComiXology’s opening […]


Review: The Many Faces of DOCTOR WHO: PRISONERS OF TIME #1


If you somehow didn’t know it already, then this is breaking news for you: this year marks the 50th anniversary of the longest running science fiction TV show in the world: Doctor Who. Long-running in some cases might mean plodding, but not in this case. The Doctor’s recent incarnation, actor Matt Smith, became the first […]


Manga watch: Lu leave Viz; DMI shuts down Digital Manga Direct

§ Viz evp of Publishing Alvin Lu has left the company after 13 years, ICV2 reports.


Angoulême is underway; Brecht Evens killing it; Pénélope Bagieu wins something


The biggest comics-focused event in the world is underway drawing hundreds of thousands of people to look at comics and cartoonists with no movie stars to distract them, Despite this, only one English language reporter seems to be filing from the show, Comics Reporter’s Bart Beatty who has his first two reports here and here.


New York Comic Book Marketplace returns in April


A few years ago, longtime comics dealer and show runner Mike Carbo announced he was leaving the comics show business, after running first The Big Apple con and then the NY Comic Book Marketplace for over a decade.


Fantagraphics news: EC, Nijigahara Holograph, Michael Jordan


A new manga by the author of Solanin and a sports comic about Michael Jordan…plus some guesswork about the EC Library


Must Read: David Petersen on settting up at a show


Mouse Guard artist David Petersen has a very thorough post on a topic that we haven’t seen explored too much, despite its ubiquity: how to exhibit at comics shows if you are a creator. The whole post is full of very solid advice, from where to get an affordable retractable banner to how to get going. Just some common sense real world advice. Two excerpts on vital matters:


The lesson of South Park: just do it


The other day the New York Times interviewed South Park’s Matt Stone which you should be able to read unfirewalled here, and Stone delivers a confirmation of Content as King:


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/31/13: A Tale of Two Freddies


Freddy, Freddie, Winsor McKay, Rob Liefeld and everything in between.