DC announces “WTF Month”


At Buzzfeed DC has revealed its covers and plans for April, and promises MORE shocks MORE surprises and MORE MORE so much that you will sit back on your heels and just say, in a dazed tone….”What the ****….”


Shocker! NFL SuperPro may be appearing in the NFL RUSH ZONE comics


After our mentioning how much the world needs the return of NFL Superpro just the other day, a well-sourced rumor claims that NFL Superpro may make an appearance in Action Lab’s new NFL RUSH ZONE comics.


Review: Batman and Robin Annual #1


One accusation thrown at DC is that their comics are very stern, and there’s little room for silliness and fun jokes in their Universe. And it’s an accusation which does tend to hit the Batman books hardest, given that arguably one of the themes of the franchise is “stern hero punches joke-tellers”. Batman’s villains are […]


The Fables Cross Over into The Unwritten in May


Or rather, as seen in this gorgeous Peter Gross/Mark Buckingham-drawn teaser image, the cast of Fables literally drag Tommy Taylor into their world.   Vertigo have released this promo for May’s issue #50 of Mike Carey’s excellent series, kicking off an arc which will see the book head into the world of Bill WIllingham’s Fables, […]


On the scene: Amazing Arizona Comic Con kicks off 2013 on the right foot


The only cons I like better then ones that I can ride my bicycle to are cons that only take an hour and a half  drive.  Sometimes the commute is intimidating and it’s much easier to just stay home.  Amazing Arizona Comic Con gave me too many reasons to not miss this event.


Poll: How Many Issues Do You Give a New Title?

G.I. Combat

There have been a lot of new #1 issues in the last couple of years.  DC rebooted.  Marvel is in the middle of a relaunch.  There  are new independent titles every month.  That means you’ve probably been trying new titles.  I’ve got a question for you: how many issues do you give a new title […]


Watch nerdlebrities spill it all on PBS Superheroes documentary


In case you missed last night’s PBS documentary on Superheroes, you can watch it above—or at this link if the embed isn’t working. The program includes Wizard World all-star festival of folks like Lou Ferrigno, Burt Ward, Adam West and Lynda Carter talking about playing superheroes. They are all veteran charmers, and when we have a spare 53 minutes, we plan on watching the whole thing. A supporting webpage has background and stills—such as the above one of Julie Newmar as Catwoman—and some extra videos.


TCAF announces guests, creator workshops, library day and more


Oh boy, so much TCAF news! If you didn’t want to go before, you will now. The show will beheld May 11-12 at the Toronto Reference Library.


DC previews Kenneth Rocafort’s Superman #17


I guess all the Superfolks are still involved in this “H’El on Earth” storyline, which finds Supers Man, Boy and Girl battling a evil alien named H’El. It all wraps up in Superman #17, which is out next month, and DC released some pencils by Kenneth Rocafort to get everyone in the mood for the finale:


News and notes: Jeff Bonivert, Jupiter’s Legacy, NFL RUSH, Max Steel at Viz, Face Off


News has been piling up like cordwood…this is where we stack it up in the woodshed.


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/30/13: Heck Yeah, Doctor Strange


§ The 25 Comic Books You Need To Read Before You Die — this piece should be called “The 25 Vertigo Comics you Need to Read Before Your Library Card Expires” but not a terrible list for what it is.