The Beat Reviews for 09/01/13: Ghosts Galore


Aside from being Dennis Hopeless week once more, this week saw every company release a massively publicized, ‘important’ comic. From Dark Horse’s new Star Wars series to Marvel’s Sinister Spider-Man, this was a week for big new books.

Garrity recaps The X-Files “Fluke Man”


Web comicker Shaenon K. Garrity has accepted her mission in life: recapping every episode of The X-Files in comics form at Monster of the Week and this week she hits everyone’s favorite episode: “Fluke Man” an eerie monstrosity that sent Scully and Mulder capering through rivers of smelly sewage. I remember attempting to get my family interested in the X-Files one Thanksgiving and this happened to be the episode that aired; needless to say, my attempt was never mentioned again, especially at meal times.

Interview: Image Publisher Eric Stephenson on the year behind and ahead


As announced earlier today, Image publisher Eric Stephenson was decisively voted The Beat’s Comics Industry Person of the Year by comics professionals. Stephenson graciously agreed to be interviewed on the big impact Image had on the industry in the past year and what’s next for the publisher.

Spider-Man and Walking Dead top December sales


Marvel maintained its top publisher spot in both inits and dollars for December, as Diamond released preliminary charts for last month. The Marvel Now books made up 6 out of the top 10 comics, topped by the final issue of Amazing Spiderman. DC’s Batman titles had a strong showing, however.

Over in graphic novels, Image pretty much crushed it, not just with The Walking Dead but strong showings for Saga, Chew and Fatale as well, making for one of its strongest monthly shares in a while.

Comings and goings at Abrams and Lerner with Burrell and Chapman


Some recent publishing moves: Carol Burell, formerly editorial director at the Graphic Universe division of Lerner Publishing, ankled the company to join Abrams Comic Arts as an editor last month. As editor, Burell took a small educational publisher’s comic line and grew it to produce both outstanding original comics (Guinea Pig) and great international pick-ups (the much lauded Little White Duck: A Childhood in China.) Basically she was there as children’s comic became a growing market and helped Lerner become a player in the field. At Abrams, the powerhouse publisher of Wimpy Kid and My Friend Dahmer, she’s in a position to do even more. We won’t lie: Carol is one of our favorite comics people and this was a fantastic move for Abrams.

Announcing the 2012 Comics Industry Person of the Year: Eric Stephenson


This is the third year of our Comics Industry Person of the Year poll, and the winner was pretty much a landslide. Every year we ask the participants in our survey to name who they thought was the person who made an impact or set the pace, and to comment anonymously (or on the record) and it was a clear choice this time out. With many people saying it was the Year of Image, Image publisher Eric Stephenson was the runaway winner—and the Saga team of Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples were definitely the Team of the Year, with a significant number of votes.

The worst message board posting of all time?


I’d like to think this is a joke….and while I don’t like spotlighting trolls, they may be the most appalling and yet hilarious comment on a comics related topic I’ve read in a while. It comes in Deadline’s report on the WB win in the Superman case yesterday, and this poster has it all figured out. I’ve actually edited the comment a bit to get to the punchline faster, but nothing that changes the meaning.