Marvel teases birth and an ice cream truck


A couple of new teasers today for ongoing Marvel NOW! launches. This one teases Birth and has been speculated as being to do with Galactus due to its purplish hue. Jason Aaron.   Simone Bianchi.    April 2013 All we wonder is what comes after birth? Pie? And here’s a Deadpool teaser with ice cream. […]

RIP: Comics Buyer’s Guide (1971-2013)


In a brief, statement, publisher F+W announced the closing of CBG, the Comics Buyer’s Guide today. The magazine’s 42 year run will end with issue #1699, one shy of the farewell #1700 that the collectors it appealed to would have liked.

The cause of death was the usual suspects:

Another Wimpy Kid Title Clears 1 Million Copy Mark


PW just posted this update about the Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney.  Granted, the article quotes BookScan numbers and even if they ARE a poor representation then it means the numbers are actually well above the 1 MILLION copies sold. While some will argue that Wimpy Kid is NOT a graphic novel, to the […]

Tokyopop is back


Well, it turns out that Tokyopop wasn’t really dead…it was just resting. Since the manga pioneer closed up its LA office nearly two years ago, there have been eyelid flickers like a POD program for some popular ongoing manga and back issue sales via Right Stuf, creators reprinting or finishing their OEL books at other […]

Marvel’s 2012 Graphic Novel Sales Reveal Surprising Trends

thanos quest

Yes, much like the annual tradition of looking at last year’s sales lists, it’s time for another annual tradition: scratching your head and wondering why Marvel does so well selling monthly comics but is a failure in the graphic novel/trade paperback category (relative to their monthly sales). Diamond released its list of the 500 top […]

Marvel Release Some Fancier One-Word Teasers


Stepping up from the one-word teasers we’ve grown to love and cherish over the past year or so, this week Marvel have started tarting up their teaser images to give people more of an idea what they might be about.