Surviving the Mayan Apocalypse…or did we?


A few comics style images to close the day.

Gail Simone Rehired as Writer for Batgirl


Gail Simone appears to have been re-hired as the writer for DC’s Batgirl series, according to a series of tweets she made around an hour ago –

DC Realigns Vertigo, Promotes Harras and Kanalz


You new there were going to be some changes when it was announced that Vertigo was going to be having some changes.  Shelly Bond getting elevated to the Vertigo Executive Editor slot was step number 1.  Step number 2 appears to be Vertigo now reporting to Hank Kanalz, the new “Senior Vice President of Vertigo […]

Walking Dead (The TV Version) Loses _Another_ Showrunner


If you follow the television biz at all, you know that AMC’s management has a tendency towards… shall we say, an overly active hand in managing its slate of shows and a tendency to argue about show budgets.  The Walking Dead seems to be catching more than its fair share of showrunner vs. AMC disputes […]



Talk about an anticipated comic! While enthusiasts are waiting impatiently for the launch of THE BLACK BEETLE #1-4, “No Way Out”, starting on January 16th from Dark Horse, those who missed the three part installments of “Night Shift” in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #11-13 can catch it in rather glorious collected format in issue 0. Eisner […]

Christmas Tidings: Paul Hoppe


A christmas card from Paul Hoppe, whose Peanut is coming out from Random House next year.

The Beat Comic Reviews for 19/12/12: Spiders, Birds, Harbingers and Dazzlers


It’s time for the last reviews section I’ll be doing this year. I have to make it a little quicker than usual, too, because I’ve got to bob out to pick up some quality sherry for Santa next week. The higher the alcohol content, the better the present! I think that’s how it works, anyway. […]

Christmas Tidings: Robb Mommaerts


LOOKOUTS artist Robb Mommaerts posts his Christmas cards: via

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/21/12 — we’re still here


Wasn’t sure we’d still be here this morning, but as we wait for the end of the world, here are some stockpiled bookmarks to amuse and educate. § First off The Comics Reporter’s Holiday Interview Series has started, and its only flaw is that CR doesn’t support tags so we can’t just send you to […]