Review: Richard Corben’s THE CONQUEROR WORM from Dark Horse


Rightly speaking, the title of this review should read, “Richard Corben’s Edgar Allen Poe’s THE CONQUEROR WORM”, but that seemed particularly wordy for an article header.  It introduces the nature of Richard Corben’s latest works, however, to have layers of authorship and titling. Based on Corben’s notes provided in the back of THE CONQUEROR WORM, […]

Last minute shopping: ArtKandy sells children’s and comics art


LA’s well-known children’s book gallery Every Picture Tells a Story has launched an art-sales websiteArtKandy and if you’re looking for a last minute gift and have a bit of dough to spend, this could be the place. They have a variety of storefronts for Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak, Tintin, Marvel Comics, vintage and much more. […]

Rose City Con and Emerald City Con team up


Maybe a teeny bit of Con Wars fall-out as it’s been announced that Seattle’s biggest comic-con—Emerald City Comicon—is teaming up with Portland’s emerging con—The Rose City Comic Con. You’ll note both shows have matching logos now—which is totes adorbs. Reading the press release, it reads as if the very well established and growing ECCC is […]

Preview: Bluewater’s Elizabeth Taylor Tribute


Bluewater Productions, purveyor of the Female Force line of comics, which celebrates a wide variety of real life, strong female characters – from Sarah Palin to Martha Stewart to Justin Bieber – has just come out with an Elizabeth Taylor tribute comic.

Arthur Magazine is back with Rick Veitch cover


AUGHTS NOSTALGIA. Arthur Magazine was a FREE culture magazine that defined a lot of the early internet/alternative culture of the early century, before the internet drove it out of business by supplanting the advertising model that made free newspapers a thing. However, Arthur Magazine is back after four years with issue #33, now with a […]

News and Notes; Blair Butler good-bye, Dark Horse $1 #1s, Michael Emerson voices The Joker


§ In case you missed the news, G4’s geek-oriented programming is going away, to replaced by an upscale “GQ” type channel which, we predict, will devolve into endless close-ups of motorcycle engines, eel-eating contests and women on trampolines shows in about 6 weeks. That means an end to “Attack of the Show,” the nerd-culture staple. […]

DC does retain rights to the Spirit Archives


After the internet reacted to a Facebook post by DC co-publisher Dan DiDio on DC relinquishing rights to a variety of pulp heroes, it was assumed that this might apply to the handsome series of hardcover Spirit Archives that DC published over the last decade or so. However, why guess when you could talk to […]

Comic Chameleon is the app for webcomics


About 10 years ago, when someone first proposed the idea of comics on mobile phones to us, we suggested putting webcomics on the phones. That isn’t the way things went, but there will finally be an app just for webcomics like XKCD, Nedroid, Girls with Slingshots and Dinosaur Comics. The app is called Comic Chameleon […]

Michel Gagne’s Zed coming from Image


Michel Gagné is an Award-winning (Annie and BAFTA) animator, but he’s also known for his charming comics work in the FLIGHT anthologies as well as the fantasy comic The Saga of Rex. Over the year’s he’s also been working on an all-ages tale called ZED, the story of a young alien on the run from […]

First Look: The Fabulous Killjoys comic finally coming out in June – UPDATED


One of the great comics from the Plane of Limbo, The Fabulous Killjoys is finally coming out this June, with a Free Comic Book Day preview. You may recall this collaboration between My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, writer Shaun Simon and artist Becky Cloonan is the print component of MCR’s 2010 SF concept album, Danger […]

First Still from THE HOBBIT: The Desolation of Smaug and more 2013 movie previews


Warner Bros dumped a bunch of stills from 2013 movies the other day, including this first look at The Hobbit II: The Desolation of Smaug that shows Martin Freeman as Bilbo lounging about on Smaug’s gold hoard. That can’t end well. THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (Peter Jackson) Because the other photos include Ryan […]

It’s International Darkstar Day!!

Back Camera

The big day is finally here! Ladies and gentlemen of The Beat, gather your young ones and race onto the street. Proclaim for all to hear, TODAY IS INTERNATIONAL DARKSTAR DAY, AND I FEEL GREAT!!!!