Marvel Starts Releasing 50th Anniversary X-Men Covers


Here are a few of my favourite things…. Marvel, aware that I demand delight at least once a month, have started releasing ‘X-Men 50th Anniversary’ variant covers for several of their books. The X-Men have – yes – been around for 50 years as of 2013, with Stan Lee’s original vision now old enough to […]

More on comiXology

ComiXology has released a statement on their #1 ranking in the iPad app grossing list, as well as the fact that they have made available over 2 billion comics pages. Also to correct an earlier factoid, last year ComiXology was the #10 top grossing app on the iPad, not #11. ComiXology – the revolutionary digital […]

No more Spirit or pulp heroes at DC


It seems that DC has stopped its program of licensing old pulp heroes, based on a post on Dan DiDio’s Facebook page, as reported by Graeme McMillan: On his Facebook page, Dan Didio was asked “Are the Spirit, Doc Savage and the Avenger still at DC? Will we see them again?” only to respond with, […]

THE HOBBIT is just like rice pudding: good to the last drop


Over the years, I’ve developed a stable of sick foods for those days—whether self-incurred or sent by nature—when you just can’t get out of bed. One of my favorites, frequently referenced here, is Kozy Shack Rice Pudding, a magical substance, each bite of which contains the exactly perfect ratio of creamy vanilla custard and chewy […]