Zombies and Ponies lead digital sales with an Anomaly


While we don’t know numbers for digital comics sales, you can always grab a snapshot at the iTunes bookstore. And pre-Wednesday, it’s all WALKING DEAD and MY LITTLE PONY, with only the Brian Haberlin/Skip Brittenham SF epicANOMALY breaking up the monotony. The appearance of ANOMALY is interesting since the book itself is a digital-proof coffee […]


Where have you gone, Nick Gurewitch?




MAN OF STEEL trailer is out


MORE bearded hobo Clark. The short version: We get to see Superman’s origin AGAIN, but it’s the Grant Morrison version. Seriously, is there a more enduring story in modern literature? This time it’s with Ozymandias no panties Clark Kent. Color us Kent-curious.


One Week Until International Darkstar Day 2012!


You know how The Beat works now. While everybody else works hard on getting the best interviews, writing the strongest articles and the most incisive opinion pieces you could find, I run around in circles and yell excitedly about obscure D-List Marvel heroines. Which brings us to the imminent arrival of 2012’s International Darkstar Day! A […]


New on the Scene: BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE


Yet ANOTHER band of creators teaming up and kickin’ it to Kickstarter! Tis time its Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck who are putting together a showcase anthology called BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE. BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE is a 200-page collection of comic book stories, prose and artwork, created by writers […]


New on the Scene: Studio YOLO


New comics collective of the day, Studio YOLO which spun out of a cartooning residency with Dean Haspiel held at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It consists of 8 cartoonists from around the world:


Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette leaving Swamp Thing with #18


Popular and talented writer Scott Snyder chose an unusual medium to deliver the confirmation that he was leaving SWAMP THING with issue #18—Twit Longer. And it was a very long tweet indeed: Hey guys – was going to wait until we got a little closer to announce this, but yes, Swamp Thing #18 will be […]


News and notes: Poison Elves return, Table Titans, Colombian comics progress and a big sale!


¶ Ape Entertainment has teamed up with the publishing house Sirius to publish an ongoing Poison Elves series which will launch an adults-only imprint at the usually family-friendly Ape. Poison Elves is the life work of the late Drew Hayes, who died in 2007. The series ran from 1991 until 2004. It’s definitely a post […]


Steve Ditko talks at last…sorta


Via Midtown Comics, A recent letter from Steve Ditko. A recent letter from Steve Ditko to one of our customers. He asked Steve what he remembered about designing Spidey’s costume. #ditko #spiderman (at Midtown Comics) 50 years is a long time…and Stan Lee doesn’t remember anything either. The intensely private Ditko has long refused to […]


Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 12/11/12: The Day Before the End of the World


§ For when you are feeling down in the dumps, Call Me Maybe – Telephones in Romance Comics! § Did you know that actress Geena Davis has an institute? In fact it’s the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. MENSA member Davis started the organization nearly a decade ago to investigate how the media […]


When I met Stan Lee by Steve Manale


The enduring wit and wisdom of Stan Lee is captured in a cute comic by artist Steve Manale.: