Studio Coffee Run: The Hobbit, Arrow, S.H.I.E.L.D., Enders Game, etc.

Variant Entertainment Weekly cover celebrating next week's release of The Hobbit

There’s hobbitses just around the corner, people. Peter Jackson’s Hobbit opus opens next Friday to so far mildly positive reviews

Cat Blogging Friday 12/7


They’re really not kittens any more—more young cats. But as you can see, Charlie and Lucy have settled in pretty well.

Jusko and Ploog at Feral Planet for Goliath


Is this the week of new small publishers? Yes, everyone is doing it. Here’s yet another: Feral Planet a newish company started by Michael Friedlander, formerly of FPG, a fantasy art trading company. They have a new project with Mike Ploog and Joe Jusko involved….an oversized lushly illustrated book called Goliath which they are Kickstarting. […]

The money model again: digital and the web and what works


In a follow-up to his hit post on the economics of print comics, Jim Zub is back with a look at digital comics metrics, including the percentages taken by each step in the pipeline complete with PIE…charts. A lot of people have talked about the need for cheaper digital comic prices to drive impulse buying […]

INTERVIEW: John Allison, live at Thought Bubble!


Writer/artist John Allison is perhaps most well known for his webcomic Bad Machinery, which started in 2009. The winner of a British Comic Award this year for the comic, he’s also created several other stories including Scary-Go-Round, Giant Days, and Bobbins. According to his Wikipedia page, it is also important that you know he is unmarried. […]

Marvel tops November with Marvel NOW!

Marvel NOW! debuts handily took 8 of the top 10 spots on the sales charts for November, just released by Diamond. Overall sales are up for the year but down from last month. graphic novels showed the biggest drop, as THE WALKING DEAD continued to soar. The original X-Men, still teenagers and students at Xavier’s […]