Jusko and Ploog at Feral Planet for Goliath


Is this the week of new small publishers? Yes, everyone is doing it. Here’s yet another: Feral Planet a newish company started by Michael Friedlander, formerly of FPG, a fantasy art trading company. They have a new project with Mike Ploog and Joe Jusko involved….an oversized lushly illustrated book called Goliath which they are Kickstarting. […]

The money model again: digital and the web and what works


In a follow-up to his hit post on the economics of print comics, Jim Zub is back with a look at digital comics metrics, including the percentages taken by each step in the pipeline complete with PIE…charts. A lot of people have talked about the need for cheaper digital comic prices to drive impulse buying […]

INTERVIEW: John Allison, live at Thought Bubble!


Writer/artist John Allison is perhaps most well known for his webcomic Bad Machinery, which started in 2009. The winner of a British Comic Award this year for the comic, he’s also created several other stories including Scary-Go-Round, Giant Days, and Bobbins. According to his Wikipedia page, it is also important that you know he is unmarried. […]