The Path to Becoming a Bestselling Graphic Novel

Mouse Guard

When I first began writing this column, my intent was to help creators and comics publishers understand the methods to the madness of landing a book on the bestseller lists. After the November 8th Beat posting of the NYT list showing several GN titles on the list, it’s really not a question of whether a […]

Monsters, Zines, and MonsterZines with Stephen Bissette


Weird tales and comics naturally go together. From the days of pulp stories with enthralling illustrations, through EC’s Wertham-harried evocation of the fantastic and grotesque, to the heydays of Vertigo and Darkhorse, readers want to see an artist’s interpretation of the strange and bizarre. And the most exciting weird comics bring visual elements to the […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales October 2012


By Paul Mellerick The usual suspects of Walking Dead (returning to the top ten), Buffy, Adventure Time and Fatale are joined by two new Image books, Happy & Bedlam, and a relaunched Dr Who, along with the Who/ Trek crossover. Overall the indie books this month are a bit more stable than last month, towards […]

Top Cow offers free previews through iVerse


Top Cow is teaming up with iVerse for a Launch Try ’em before you Buy ’em Program for Artifacts, Witchblade and the Darkness. For a limited time you can download the jumping on points for these long-running series. “We’re thrilled to help spread the word on these exciting series,” said iVerse CEO Mike Murphey in […]

New publisher: Great Beast


Small boutique publishers are popping up everywhere, and here’s a newish one from the UK: Great Beast, which was founded by Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby, and they’ve just released two nice looking graphic novels. You can buy the physical books (which have top notch production) or space-saving digital versions. Cadwell passed along some info […]