Huge shake-up at DC Comics lunch counter


We’re hearing that DC Comics is in turmoil today after popular lunch spot McGee’s changed their bean salad recipe: instead of cannellini beans, the salad now contains navy beans, and the change has everyone upset. Rattled staffers have been complaining bitterly. “Cannellini beans are mild in flavor and hold their shape well,” said one prominent […]

A Ghost Tour of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES with Dan Goldman


RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, now available in its first five issues through Monkeybrain Comics on Comixology, is a genre mixer with a gritty dose of realism that, for Eisner-nominated writer and artist Dan Goldman, hits close to home. Growing up in Miami, and aware of its hectic combination of cultures, crime, and mystery, Goldman ingested plenty […]

Working With Wacker: Steve Wacker on Helping Creators Make Comics


By Matt O’Keefe   For someone who describes himself as America’s 14th favorite comic book editor, Steve Wacker has edited a lot of beloved books. I first became aware of his work with 52, a weekly comic with some of DC’s biggest creators. He soon joined Marvel to edit an almost-weekly Spider-Man. Today, he’s editor of such […]

Lounak, new creator-owned distribution company, launches


As comics evolve, new business models evolve, and here’s one that’s pretty simple and pretty smart and potentially much more: Lounak is a new mini distributor for artist edition books, self-published work, and other one-offs for cartoonists Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Karl Kerchl. The site just launched with this line-up but we’re told that […]

Marvel crash three dimensions into ‘X-Termination’ with Pak, Liu and Lapham


Marvel have revealed what their ‘X-Termination’ teaser image is all about: a crossover storyline between X-Treme X-Men, Astonishing X-Men, and Age of Apocalypse. Spinning around the fact that there are currently a series of different Wolverines being used right now (along with a couple of Nightcrawlers) the story will be a cross-dimensional adventure between the […]

IRON SKY coming from IDW


A gn adapting the cult Nazis on the Moon movie IRON SKY is coming from IDW with art by Gerry Kissell and Amin Amat. Everyone wants to put Nazis on the moon right on their own bookshelf! IDW Publishing, along with comic production house Hazmat Studios and film production company Blind Spot Pictures, are thrilled […]

The Dandy Returns!

The Numskulls by Jamie Smart

by Laura Sneddon The Dandy, a UK comic for children, is one of the oldest comics in the world, first appearing way back in 1937. Along with its sister publication at DC Thomson, The Beano, these comics are pretty much the main reason why the entire population of Britain knows how to read a comic, […]

INTERVIEW: Woodrow Phoenix, live from Thought Bubble!


Woodrow Phoenix is one of the two editors who compiled Nelson, a 250-page anthology featuring work from over 50 different writers and artists. The idea of Rob Davis, the Blank Slate-published anthology tells a single tale, as told by a variety of different artists and writers. Amongst the incredible range of creators involved are people […]

Hurricane Sandy closes Staten Island’s Krypton Comics


Although the horrors of hours and even days without internet or cable have faded from the memories of most New Yorkers, the truth is areas of Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island suffered terrible damage in Hurricane Sandy, and some places are STILL getting back power. One of the casualties of the storm was […]

Video: Dash Shaw animates Sigur Rós


Seraph from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo. Describing the work of Dash Shaw as “unique” strains the meaning of the word: childlike and formalist, preoccupied with the physical body and and the larger body of the family. Since his books the massive family drama Bottomless Belly Button and eerie sci-fi Body World, he’s […]

News notes from around: Archie, Takei, Schulz, Moonstone, etc


Some quickies from the mailbag and around: