Digital Update: The New Tablet Scene for Comics


by Bruce Lidl With Thanksgiving (and the various themed shopping days that follow) now past us, the highpoint (or lowpoint depending on your viewpoint) of the annual shopping season has arrived in full force, and according to various trend observers, tablets are once again one of, if not the, thing to give or receive this […]

On the Scene: Saving Sunny’s, the Bar at the End of the World


On Saturday, December 1st, the Hamilton Gallery Theater in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, hosted a benefit for a Red Hook landmark, Sunny’s Bar, in attempt to help bring it back from the verge of storm-ravaged closure. Sunny’s Bar, only a short distance from the waterfront, was filled with water and sludge by Hurricane Sandy, and its […]

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: October 2012


As expected, DC Comics’s average and total comic-book unit sales were dropping again in October, in the wake of September’s zero-issue stunt. To be fair, though, it’s not a huge drop, and viewed over the last four months, the publisher’s averages continue to look sturdy.

Thanks to a new round of crossovers — notably “Death of the Family” in the Batman line and “Rise of the Third Army” in the Green Lantern line — and Annuals, as well as continually strong sales from the expanding line of “digital-first” compilation titles, the pertinent figures remain well within the spectrum that’s been established following last year’s relaunch.

INTERVIEW: Adam Cadwell, live from Thought Bubble!


Adam Cadwell is a writer and artist whose works include The Everyday, an autobiographical webcomic which ran for three years between 2007 and 2010. He is currently working on the six-issue series Blood Blokes, about vampire life in Manchester. Which, it turns out, is very similar to just plain old ‘life’ in Manchester.

The Rock as Black Adam


This fan-made composite of the Rock as Black Adam showed up on producer Michael Uslan’s Facebook page the other day, with the sad caption: “When it’s right, you know it.” We knew it… “So close… so close and yet so far.” The Rock has been itching to play a superhero for years and years, and […]

Shopping Guide: Julia Wertz on Etsy


Cartoonist Julia Wertz (Fart Party, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories) has just launched Julia’s Junk Shop on Etsy, and if you are looking for gifts for that certain someone, you might find something here. besides Wertz’s own very funny books, there is jewelry made of Peanuts, earrings made of sea glass, and many other […]