King Kong is banging on the Spider-Man musical’s door


Will the saga of Spider-Man The Musical ever end—or at least break even?? A piece on how a proposed King Kong musical is eyeing Spider-Man’s theater reveals some of the numbers behind Spidey’s fabled, tangled past. Lawsuits have been settled and injuries abated—the show even set a record for the biggest one-week take ever on […]

Nice art: James Jean mural for BLITZ in Hong Kong


James Jean created a mural for BLITZ at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.

You can see the rest of it in the link and it’s spectacular.

Hollywood director harbors sexist thoughts; film at 11


Yesterday there was a new source of gender battle outrage on the internets, as spelled out by The Mary Sue. It seems that director James Gunn, who has made the film Super and is slated to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy has a very active website and online presence and nearly two years ago he ran a piece called 50 Superhero you want to have sex with that included all kinds of jokes about having sex and rape and gays.

Bookmark: The Business of Cartooning resource page


After yesterday’s bucket of cold water dumped over our heads by Jim Zub, we were toying with the idea of making a “resource page” with links to facts and figures on the industry but former Flash Gordon artist and current MCAD teacher Jim Keefe has done it for us! Keefe collects various pages and post on contracts, horror stories, rates and other things everyone should know. We recommend that young creators (and maybe some old ones as well) check out all the links.

Jackman may also return in X-Men: Days of Future Past


Snikt, bub—although Hugh Jackman’s popular portrayal of Wolverine made only a (hilarious) cameo in X-MEN FIRST CLASS, he’s in negotiations to appear in the next X-Men films. Jackman, who will appear next summer in THE WOLVERINE, a stand-alone Wolverine outing, was a fixture for X-Men: DOFP director Bryan Singer, so a reunion would be quite […]

RIP: Josh Medors


Following a long battle with a rare form of spinal cancer, artist Artist Josh Medors passed away yesterday, at age 36, capping a pretty bad day for comics. Medors had been sick since 2008 and helped organize the Help for Heroes charity. He is survived by his wife, Charlotte, and his son, Garth.

Things we liked that aren’t on the internet any more


The other day we were polishing our buggy whip collection, cleaning the heads on our VCR player, and updating our RSS reader, getting rid of the dead feeds and nuking categories like “Lost blogs” and “Harry Potter.” There were, unsurprisingly, scores and scores of things that have gone away in the 7 or 8 years we’ve had a google feed, including many that were dear to us.

My Little Pony #1 is #13 at the iBookstore today


Okay just in case you needed more proof that my bronies are real, check out MY LITTLE PONY #1’s placement at the iBookstore: #13 in a garden of Shades of Gray and James Patterson.

RIP: Spain Rodriguez


I am very sad to report that an email has been sent by Ron Turner: It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing this morning of Spain Rodriguez. He passed at home with his daughter and wife at his bedside at about 7 this morning. He had been fighting cancer for […]

Real Life My Little Ponies seen racing across Staten Island

Although shot in that innovative 9:16 ratio that everyone is talking about this TRUE LIFE video of a magical white pony and a zebra racing across a dramatic Staten Island landscape cannot help but remind you that friendship is TRULY magic.

Con Wars brewing in New York and Cincinnati


With comicons nationwide becoming a key money maker for many entities, it seems that a few con wars may be brewing. We received two separate tips yesterday about potential calendar conflicts for 2013.

My Little Pony #1 is here—and here are all the covers, including the ghost variant


If this weren’t such am amazing year for comics the success of My Little Pony #1 would be maybe the story of the year: how did a comics book aimed at young girls get pre-orders of over 100,000 copies? Pony madness is such that a second printing, due December 19th has already sold out, and a 3rd printing is ALREADY under way. When all is said and done—and all the variant covers are counted up—MLP #1 will be one of the best selling books of the year.

ComiCON-versation #13: LBCHC 2013 Wrap-up…


by Mike Scigliano So after what amounts to close to a year of preparation and work, the 2012 edition of the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con has come and gone. I’ve spent the last two weeks going over my notes, exhibitor notes, and online comments to really get a handle the details. What went […]

Brubaker and Phillips’ Fatale is now ongoing


FATALE, the beautifully drawn and conceived crime comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips has been presented as a very well received series of minis up until now, but it seems Brubaker has so many ideas for the main character he’s decided to make it an ongoing. Via PR: Josephine, heroine of Ed Brubaker’s and […]

Preview: Django Unchained, the comic


Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming DJANGO UNCHAINED is already garnering buzz for what is said to be Tarantino’s most amazing screenplay yet—and in his usual discursive fashion there so much story that not all of it could be fit in to a movie of normal length. Enter the DJANGO UNCHAINED comic book,

Hawkeye #7 has guest artists and benefits Sandy relief


Hawkeye #7 sports a stylish cover by David Aja but the insides are by two other stylists—Steve Lieber and Jesse Hamm—in a story that features Clint Barton and his protegé Kate Bishop helping victims of a superstorm on the East Coast. If it sounds familiar, it should be—the issue was put together at a feverish pace after the events of real life Hurricane Sandy. And as writer Matt Fraction reveals in the video below from MTV Geek he’ll be donating his royalties from the issue to the American Red Cross. So make sure to buy a bunch of copies.