Grand Comics Tour: 2012: Omaha, Nebraska


Last year, on Black Friday, my 27-year-old nephew Parker and myself attempted a Grand Tour of visit comics retailer in the Omaha metropolitan area.  We didn’t succeed, but we visited most, and found lots of great comics, many on sale, and we even discovered a brand new store, Legend Comics, open just a few weeks! […]


R.I.P.: Marc Wilkofsky


Pretty stunning news today as word has been going around that Marc Wilkofsky has passed away at the very young age of 42. Details are unavailable.


To do NYC: Annual Thanksgiving Comix Night at KGB


Laugh off that gravy with a night of top notch cartoonists reading their work at the Annual Thanksgiving Comix Night at KGB. $5 at the door. Curator/host Robyn Chapman presents guest readers Gabrielle Bell, Alabaster, Julia Wertz, Nathan Bulmer, and Jeffrey Lewis.


INTERVIEW: Steven Sanders has Designs for the World


Steven Sanders was one of the first people I ever interviewed. An artist and designer who has worked on books such as Five Fists of Science, SWORD, and Our Love is Real, I’ve always been struck by the amount of thought he puts into his character and concept design.  When I think about design in […]