SPOILER! Who are Bleeding Cool’s Top Ten Most Powerful People in Comics?


While we respectfully did not inform you of this at an earlier juncture, we here at The Beat would like to warn you of spoilers coming up ahead in this post. Do not read unless you want to know about these spoilers! I said SPOILERS!!! SPOILERRRRSSSS!!!!!! Brilliantly, Bleeding Cool have today leaked their list of […]

Marvel Now Previews Thunderbolts #1


Out in December, Marvel today called round to talk about Daniel Way and Steve Dillon’s Thunderbolts relaunch. Featuring Red Hulk as team leader, the book sees a ragtag bunch of mercs and assassins teaming together – uneasily – for black-ops work. Among the cast will be Punisher, Venom, Deadpool and Elektra.

Home of the Brave – a six-page preview


In case you’ve been wondering about the contents of the Kickstarter project we’ve been analyzing, Home of the Brave by Spencer Toyama and Jon Lewis. Here’s a six page preview of the 30 page preview available in full here. As you can see, this is not just another cookie cutter vampire werewolf story but a […]

Paul Cornell and Alan Davis launch Wolverine in March


Sneakily, Marvel have revealed that their ‘Snikt’ promotional piece actually refers to a Wolverine comic! Yes, this is the news that the creative team of Paul Cornell and Alan Davis will indeed be bringing us a new, ongoing Wolverine series, to replace the departing series this year. This will be the ‘flagship’ title, with Frank […]

How to: A case study for a first-time Kickstarter, Part 2 — the first 24 hours to the end


Here’s what our first 24 hours looked like:

5 am – Coffee.  Lots of Coffee.  Hit the launch button.  Create bitly link (bitly.com gives great analytics and allow you to track the reach of your link outside of Kickstarter).  Text, email, and Facebook message friends on EST and CST.  I made sure to message people individually and not as a group, as I thought this would better my chances of getting them to repost our campaign.

Matt Groening explains why you need an Apple computer…in 1989


In 1989 The Simpsons were still on the drawing board, an cartoonist Matt Groening was a freelance illustrators, and Apple was a rising company whose ungainly, boxlike beige computers boasted lordly hard drives of 40 mbs.

Dark Horse now on Kindle


Even as Comixology has become the biggest digital comics distributor in the world, some few hold outs remain; Dark Horse goes through their own app and web store, with only a lone placeholder on Comixology’s web store. Dark Horse just announced they’re placing their GNs on the Kindle however, joining their apps on Android, Nook […]

MCM expands UK events with first Scotland Comic Con and more in Brum


Via PR, MCM, which runs the huge MCM Expo and Memorabilia pop culture shows in the UK, is expanding to Scotland Comic Con next August 31. The one-day event will be held at the SECC Glasgow. MCM is also adding the MCM Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC to its permanent list of events, and […]

NC Comicon—the local con wins


It was nice to finish up a busy and exhausting year of cons (11 or 12) with one of the strong local shows that has been a hallmark of current comics/nerd culture. The NC Comicon was put together by the guys behind Ultimate Comics, a popular shop in Durham, NC.

Cartoonist Colin Upton and musician John Lee team for “Remembrance”

Well here’s a new kind of “motion comic” called “Remembrance”…a YouTube video of a collaboration between cartoonist Colin Upton (Diabetes Funnies) and musician John Lee that includes Upton narrating a his mini comic “Self-Indulgent Comics #33″ while Lee supplies an elegant soundtrack. Upton is something of a comic legend in his native Canada, where he’s […]

RIP: Lucille Bliss


Over the weekend I see that voice actress Lucille Bliss died earlier this month at the age of 96. The NY Times has an obituary here. Bliss voices Crusader Rabbit, one of the wicked stepsisters in CINDERELLA, and many other parts, including her best known role, Smurfette. In one of my earlier incarnations, I saw […]

All the Hostess comics ads in one creamy cake


While for a few days there it looked like the indestructible Twinkie had ben felled by bad management and union politics, it seems everyone involved is going to give it another go. While we sit back and imagine a world of endless Devil Dogs, you can also enjoy ALL the Hostess comics ads archived at The Hostess Page on one of the internets early adapters, seanbaby.com.