It’s Always Darkest Right Before Blackest Friday


While The Beatrix is down South for a a comics convention, I’m back home in Omaha, Nebraska, spending Turkey Week with family and friends.  (Nine days of vacation, three vacation days used.) Of course, most of us are anticipating turkey this Thursday (or whatever you prefer to consume in Thanksgiving), and many are also plotting […]


“The Disappointed Optimist”, A Review of Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts


by Glen Downey Just over an hour into Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts, the charismatic chain-smoking troubadour of transhumanism observes that he isn’t—as some have suggested—a cynic: “I think it might be truer,” he says with a grin, “to think of myself as just a constantly disappointed optimist.” But Ellis’ true feelings about the human condition, […]


Alan Moore and Superfolks Part 3: The Strange Case of Grant Morrison and Alan Moore


by Pádraig Ó Méalóid [Previous installments of this piece: Part 1, part 2] Originally, when I set out to look into the various allegations about Alan Moore and Robert Mayer’s Superfolks, I thought it was going to be a comparatively straightforward piece to write. Just read the book, find out what people had said, and […]