This year, vote for a REAL change. Vote Loki!

Loki/Doom 2012 Why settle for a lesser evil?

You could settle for petty tyrants who steal a vote here and there or block uncontroversial legislation out of mere partisan spite, but why not think big? Pretensions of altruism and benevolence are for the weak and dishonest, promising virtues never achieved. This year, vote for an honest villain – a supervillain! Admit the truth […]

Election Day, 2012

Treasure Chest Pettigrew

As we wait for the returns to trickle in, and for the long national indigestion to finally end, we here at Stately Beat Manor provide you with the finest in Election Night coverage.



Deadpool enters the Marvel Now orbit with— no, wait, I’ve already written that. Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Tony Moore are the creative team relaunching Marvel’s Mischievous Mercenary, with a book which manages to pull off a series of funny jokes. Interestingly enough though… most of them don’t involve Deadpool himself.



Iron Man enters the Marvel Now orbit with a relaunch, shiny artist, and British writer at the helm. Kieron Gillen and Greg Land are the new creative team on Tony Stark’s series, following on from Matt Fraction’s run – but without touching heavily upon it. This is a fresh start, with Greg Land’s unique style […]

Is the 52 different variety JLA book going to destroy comics? Probably not


For those with long memories, yesterday’s announcement of 52 different covers for next year’s JLA #1 book sounded some alarm bells.

On the scene: Tucson Comic-Con 2012

cos play

The con season is finally wrapping up and I end it with a high note in my backyard.

On the scene: Dundee Comics Day


Dundee Comics Day – in which a mini MorrisonCon occurs in a Scottish city, resulting in secrets spilled, wine aplenty, and the sexiest comics line-up you could hope to meet.

BEA gets more like Comic-Con


The biggest business book show in America is inching towards a full-on consumer day, as the Comic-con-ization of trade book shows continues. BEA director Steve Rosato writes that the 2013 show—the largest b2b book show in North America— will once again include a “Power Reader” day open to the public, a program which launched this […]

Alan Moore Drops Hot New Single


Comic book writer Alan Moore has dropped a new single today, available through Occupation Records. His first new recording in a while, it shows a clear new direction for his music, away from shamanistic chanting in the woods of Northampton and more towards William Shatner-style slam poetry. His newest song shows clear his influences, which […]

C2E2 is accepting panel submissions from now until January 10


It’s not too early to think about 2013, is it? Egads. To wit, panel submissions are now open for C2E2 which will be held April 26-28, 2013. Do you have something important to tell the world? From comics to cosplay, manga to movies, vampires to video games, C2E2 will present Panels and Screenings covering the […]

To Do: Miami Book Fair features Ware, Burns, Crumb, more


Despite the host city’s rep as party central, the Miami Book Fair is one of the nation’s largest, an 8-day extravaganza of top literary figures from everywhere. This year’s line-up includes Lemony Snicket, Junot Diaz and many more, and as usual, a large comics contingent, as seen on the card above. Participants include Chris Ware, Charles Burns, Aline Komoinsky-Crumband many more. Are you going? Tell he Beat about it!

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/6/12: Go out and vote, dammit!


§ Apparently an election has been taking place for the last four hundred years? Ward Sutton shared his cover for this week’s Village Voice with us. I think we can all relate to those dreams. § J. Caleb Mozzocco interviews Steven Weissman on his book BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, which many have labeled “bizarre.” As a […]