Preview: Space Face Books November Releases


Independent publisher Space Face Books is gearing up for some awesome November releases, many of which are debuting this Saturday at BCGF. A complete list is available on their website, and while all of them look quite fetching, here’s a glance at three noteworthy pieces: Michael DeForge’s MOLECULES, Alex Schubert’s CYBER SURFER, and Simon Hanselmann’s L […]

A Letter Lasts Longer


Dean Haspiel went off with a specially selected group of artists and cartoonists to Florida a few weeks ago, as part of a comic-arts residency at the Atlantic Centre for the Arts. As part of the mentoring scheme, he tried an artistic experiment, which yielded some pretty interesting (and, well, pretty) results. Haspiel wrote a small […]

Chris Ware covers Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2012 issue


Chris Ware contributed just another incredibly amazing cover for Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2012 issue, which was heroically put out by the staff remotely when our offices went black during Sandy. Special props to our IT guy Ernie, who had to climb the 16 flights of stairs to the office numerous times. Not only is this the first time the PW logo has been redesigned, but Ware’s epochal Building Stories was the favorite of the entire staff not just the Comics Dept.

Astrophysicist locates Krypton


A real astrophysicist has found a planet which fits the profile of the fictional Krypton, and a back-up story in ACTION COMICS #14 will spill the beans. In the story, the real person Neil deGrasse Tyson helps Superman see his home planet just before it blows up. The story is by Sholly Fisch, Chris Sprouse […]

Ditko: “You seem to have chosen the least attractive, the pessimistic, believing there really are no good men (which has to include you).”


One of the events we missed last week was Steve DIitko’s 85th birthday, so a belated birthday greeting, and a link to Michel Fiffe’s appreciation and account of his long correspondence with Ditko. As thoughtful observers know, Ditko is not so much a recluse as he doesn’t like interviews….reading his comments excerpted by Fiffe, it […]

Reminder: Art for Sandy


The Art For Sandy benefit auction we mentioned the other day is now live. (That’s a Paolo Rivera piece above.) This is a benefit organized by Disney’s Rich Ginter with help from Marvel’s Jim Viscardi to help the devastated areas of Staten Island. Native Staten Islander—and surely its Comics Laureate—Evan Dorkin updates his own status […]

Artist Justiniano sentenced in child pornography case


One of the ugliest comics related stories of recent years reached a resolution with artist Josue “Justiniano” Rivera’s sentencing to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to a second degree charge of child pornography. Rivera was apprehended after giving a thumb drive containing pornographic images to a funeral home—Rivera meant to turn in images […]

How to be powerless


Last Monday night, as Hurricane Sandy raged outside, we had just finished watching last night’s episode of The Walking Dead when there was a flash in the sky and the power went out. The vicarious glee of the Zombie Apocalypse—with its owl eating, gas hunting and lack of hot showers—was quickly replaced by living an actual lite version of it.