Fun and Games: Running the Comics Marathon


While ensconced at The Beat Annex located in mainland New York City for what will be a nine-day weekend, I had to use my wits to keep from going stir-crazy from cabin fever. Yet fevers can be inspirational, and when I heard that the New York City Marathon was canceled yesterday, inspiration struck!  I had […]


Art 4 Sandy Relief Initiative Launches


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which hit America over the past week and caused blackouts, severe damage, and claimed several lives in the process, former Marvel, now Disney art director Rich Ginter has set up an initiative looking to trade comic-book items for donations to the relief effort. Called ‘Art For Sandy Relief’, the […]


ComiCON-versation: Live (almost) Blogging Behind the Scenes at LBCHC 2012


by Mike Scigliano After having given some heavy insight into what exactly it takes to produce a well run comicon it’s time to show you exactly what all of that hard work you put in will get you. By the time the early afternoon comes we’re building the show.  We’ll give you a some shots […]