Publishers Weekly Announces Best Graphic Novels (and Best Books) of 2012

Chris Ware redesigns the PW logo.

Although hampered by the lack of electricity at their offices, Publishers Weekly has managed to release their Best Books lists for 2012.


First Look: Avengers #1


Heres a peek at the new Jonathan Hickman/ Jerome Opena/Dean White Avengers #1, on sale 12/5/2012. Cover by Dustin Weaver.  


Good Work, Comics: Post Halloween Edition


Nothing is safe anymore, is it? The world was rocked once more this week by a series of pop-culture calamities, proving without a shadow of a doubt that we live in a world where nothing is sacred. Not Amy Winehouse’s wedding dress, nor the good clean fun of a new Will Smith album. While all […]


Now it’s time for ‘Uncanny’ from Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo


Oh gosh, what mystery is this we spy? Some kind of book written by All-New X-Men’s Brian Michael Bendis and Wolverine & The X-Men’s Chris Bachalo, according to And the teaser word is ‘Uncanny’. Well flip me, how are we ever going to guess what the ‘Uncanny’ refers to?


Studio Coffee Run: Amazing Spiderman, Sin City 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past

Marvel villain, Electro

Oscar winner, Jamie Foxx, is in talks to play Marvel villiain, Electro, for the next installment of Amazing Spiderman. Foxx hinted as such in a Halloween tweet about his costume for the night


Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill Gets A Late Addition To DC’s January Slate


Here’s an odd one: DC just added a comic to their January schedule that wasn’t in the solicitations that went online on October 15.  It’s another Before Watchmen title, this time it’s a Dollar Bill one-shot by Len Wein and Steve Rude.


Marvel announce Alpha Miniseries for February


Confounding those who thought they knew what the identity of the Superior Spider-Man would be, Marvel have announced that top candidate Alpha will be starring instead in his own miniseries next year.