Disney/Star Wars Mashup Sampling

(Image via Creative Commons)

Here’s a quick evening sampling of #DisneyStarWars mashups from around the worldwide web-0-sphere…

King Con is on for the weekend


King Con is on! This will come as news to many since the show never really let anyone know it was happening. But it is happening this weekend. King Con, now in its third iteration, started several years ago as a localized indie show focusing on Brooklyn art and artists. A mix of rough spots […]

The comics must go on: Midtown Comics and Jim Hanley’s Universe are open for business


Things are sort of returning to the semi-normal in Manhattan, as least from what we can see. We stopped by Jim Hanley’s Universe on 33rd Street and it’s been open for business as usual. “A lot of people stopped by for comics—with no power they needed something to read,” an employee told us when we […]

Living in the Marvel Universe: Real Life Intrudes Upon Imagination

asm 36

As a kid, it’s easy to disconnect from reality.  Your database of experience is low, so you don’t have the visceral experience or memory to question what appears on television, at the local theater, or on the pages of a book.  (Of course, you still cry thinking about Dan and Ann, even though Third Grade […]

Halloween costume roundup: Cameron Stewart


Comics artist Cameron Stewart isn’t just an Eisner-winning artist, he’s also the master of the sinister Halloween costume. Past summonings have included Patrick Bateman from AMERICAN PSYCHO, Toht from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and our personal favorite, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN’s Anton Chigurh (below). This year he and his girlfriend recreated PSYCHO, with […]

Return of the Enigmatic Marvel Teasers: Fearless


Newsarama have been sent a new teaser from Marvel, regarding what would now be a February-launching series from the company. Tagging Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney as the creative team, this looks as though it may well be a Lady liberators title.   At the end of Bunn’s Fear Itself fallout series ‘The Fearless’, it […]

First Look: New FF #1 Variant cover by Art Adams


Marvel continues to roll out some quirky content for their quirky new FF book with this variant cover by Art Adams. The new FF team features Ant-Man, She-Hulk, Medusa, and Ms. Thing and is by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred.