Beat Chat! with Wolverine & The X-Men’s Creative Team


Marvel called again tonight, wanting to talk to me about another one of their Marvel Now comics. This time however, their focus was on a continuing series rather than a new relaunch, in the form of Jason Aaron and Nick Bradshaw’s Wolverine & The X-Men. Joining them was editor Nick Lowe, who, yes, sang to himself […]

Hurricane Sandy: Jack Kirby foresaw it!


Jack Kirby had some imagination, as the first issue of KAMANDI shows. Some of it even came true!

Advance Review: Shadowman #1


While Shadowman #1 isn’t due out for a couple weeks, I had an advance look at the comic.  And it’s pretty good.  We ran a preview not quite two months back of the first few pages, which might be a good reference point here, since one of the main attractions is the art.

Frankenstorm Reading: Weathering the Evacuation Blues


On Sunday, I went out and got groceries from the already Walking Dead-like store with its empty shelves and zombie walkers and then I stashed everything that could be blown around outside my house, causing damage. Then I settled in for some 30 Rock on demand and snatched some Halloween candy from the pile, getting […]

Comic-Con renews contract to stay in San Diego through 2016


How times change. Whereas in past years, San Diego city fathers and mothers were indifferent at best to the pop culture behemoth running through their streets, the battle for the con in 2010 seems to have permanently changed attitudes. After a protracted negotation over where to hold the show in 2013 and beyond, Comic-Con and the city agreed to a three-year contract, running through 2015. However, perhaps fearful of another battle for the con, SD mayor Jerry Sanders has preemptively announced Comic-Con has signed a one year extension for 2016.

Visitors to Wellington now greeted by giant statue of Gollum


New Zealand is proud of its role as the home of the Lord of the Rings movies, and now the Hobbit trilogy. And to show it, a a huge statue of Gollum has just been installed at the Wellington airport. Like the rest of the sets, costumes and CGI elements, Gollum was designed by Weta […]

Random House and Penguin announce merger


As rumored last week, two major publishing companies Random House and Penguin have merged, creating one big Franken-publisher that will control 25% of the book market. Random House is the biggest publisher in the business, and is owned by German conglomerate Bertelsmann. Penguin is owned by British parent Pearson. The move is part of the […]

Monday Hurricane Cat Blogging: Catten down the hatches!


Lucy Mona Tinúviel and Charlie Victor Finrod have been doing their part for storm prep, building up morale among workers and rationing their kibble. With most of the East Coast shut down, all of the NYC-based comics businesses are closed for the day. Marvel’s daily call is taking place, however, so we’ll have coverage of […]

Kicking Skulls and Making A Name For Himself: Jim Zub on Story, Sales & A Career In Comics


By Matt O’Keefe Jim Zubkavich has been creating comics since he began self-publishing Makeshift Miracle in 2001, but he really broke onto the scene in 2010 with Skullkickers, an ongoing series from Image Comics which Zub describes as a buddy cop film slammed into Conan the Barbarian. In addition to his jobs as Project Manager […]