Kick-Watcher: Interview with Home of The Brave’s Spencer Toyama and Jon Lewis

Home of The Brave

The Kick-Watcher chats with Hawaii’s own Spencer Toyama and Jon Lewis the creators of the soon to be successful Kickstarter project; Home of The Brave: Struggle & Triumph in a Broken America.

Alan Moore and Superfolks Part 1: The Case for the Prosecution


In 1977 Dial Press of New York published Robert Mayer’s first novel, Superfolks. It was, amongst other things, a story of a middle-aged man coming to terms with his life, an enormous collection of 1970s pop-culture references, some now lost to the mists of time, and a satire on certain aspects of the comic superhero, but would probably be largely unheard of these days if it wasn’t for the fact that it is regularly mentioned for its supposed influence on a young Alan Moore and his work, particularly on Watchmen, Marvelman, and his Superman story, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? There’s also a suggestion that it had an influence on his proposal to DC Comics for the unpublished cross-company ‘event,’ Twilight of the Superheroes. But who’s saying these things, what are they saying, and is any of it actually true?

31 Days of Halloween: Scream Nancy


This is frightening on so many levels. Jason is doing Nancy horror mash-ups., as reported by Mike Baehr. You can see more here.:

Marvel Now!: Deadpool meets Teddy Roosevelt


Although Steely Steve Morris couldn’t make it to today’s Marvel Now call we did get the artwork and it’s very nice.

Can Comics Become Legitimate Bestsellers? Chapter 3: Why Wimpy Kid matters


I know, I know! We have been arguing for such a long time that comics aren’t just for kids but the problem is that a majority of the comics publishers have neglected to realize that this is and will always be tomorrow’s adult comics fan. With the acceleration of the Children’s and Young Adult categories, the traditional publishers are dominating a market segment that for some reason, still isn’t registering with the folks who made it possible in the first place.

31 Days of Halloween: Gary Leib’s Desert Island storefront


We were stunned by last year’s spectacular Halloween display by Gary Leib at Brooklyn’s own Desert Island Comics, and he’s back for 2012 with an all new display. Leib has lots more Halloween goodness at his tumblr.

Halloween supplemental: horrific work areas


Colleen Doran is rightfully horrified by the above photo of a work area—that belongs to an unnamed cartoonist. As a prescription, she offers a list of declutterizing resources, which I’m sure we could all do with a look at.

Interviews of note: Randall Munroe, Eric Stephenson, Julia Wertz


Catching up on closing those tabs, here are some interviews well worth your time. Math Horizons interviews xkcd’s Randall Munroe on some of his more mathematically complex comic strips: MH: How did you determine how much black ink to put in each of the charts? RM: I figured out how to measure each of the […]

Grant Morrison, MBE

Grant Morrison models his Member of the British Empire medal which he was just presented with. And no, you cannot call him Sir Grant, as that honorific only comes with the two highest orders of the British empire.

The Walking Dead Season 3: Now THIS is a Good Zombie Show!

We’re two episodes into Season 3 of The Walking Dead and I’m relieved and pleased to be able to say: now THIS is the zombie apocalypse show I was hoping for! I know, that’s kind of blasphemy in some circles. The truth is I just found myself unable to really connect to the show or […]