Can Comics Become Legitimate Bestsellers? Chapter 2: Markets, Obstacles, and Distribution

As I mentioned in the opening column, when it comes to landing a bestselling title there are a lot of moving parts. I remember an editor talking about book campaigns during a panel session at Book Expo back in 2005 and he said most authors don’t realize that we put just as much effort into marketing and campaigning for a book as they do in writing it. Never were truer words spoken. From determining which audience the book is best suited for, what the cover should look like, how to build the buzz, and when the book should hit-these are all critical elements that need the same level of concentration as the writer has given to characters, dialog and setting.

Cleveland Public Library Presents Its New Harvey Pekar Card


Beginning this past Monday, the Cleveland Public Library just started releasing their new Harvey Pekar library cards. Pekar, the native Clevelander, has become cemented in Cleveland history with his own limited edition membership cards, not to mention a bronze statue erected in his honor right outside the library. Cleveland Public Library director Felton Thomas, a […]

When Carl Burgos tried to sue for the Human Torch


If the juicy, fact filled excerpts aren’t getting you to run down to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Sean Howe’s MARVEL: THE UNTOLD STORY, you must be dead to comics. io9 has a lengthy excerpt that goes right to the heart of the glory days of Lee and Kirby. I cut and pasted five different revelatory paragraphs before to settled on this one, regarding Carl Burgos, the original artist on the Human Torch, and his thoughts back in the 60s of trying to get the rights back.

To do this weekend, PDX: THE PROJECTS


Even as you read this, an amazing event is underway in Portland called THE PROJECTS — it’s billed as “a festival of experimental comics and narrative arts, happening at the IPRC in Portland on October 19-21, 2012” and is only the latest in a year filled with impressive comics symposiums and events that go far beyond the “What inspired you to create the Avengers, Mr Lee,” paneling that has represented many comics events. With this, the G-17 meeting in Chicago, MIX in Columbus, NYC’s ongoing scholarly events , comics are being looked at in creative and social context that significantly enhance and deepen both their media standing and our own understanding.

Stolen Art Alert; Suydam and Frazetta


Artist Art Suydam reports that two pieces of art were recently stolen from his studio and is offering a reward for their return: These artworks, among others, were recently stolen from the studio of artist Arthur Suydam.  If you see these  artworks or have any information on their location, please contact Arthur at All personal information will […]

On the Scene: Dean Haspiel Storms Long Island


“An Evening with Dean Haspiel”, held at the Cinema Arts Center, in Huntington Long Island on October 4th, was as much a tour of the last twenty years of comics history as a look at Haspiel’s long and varied career thus far. His immense oeuvre presented plenty of fodder for discussion, as well as the […]