Mars Attacks… IDW?


When IDW recently announced their massive sales numbers for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, one of our commenters wondered if there would be a “Mars Attacks My Little Pony”. Guess what?

Image teases CLONE


Clone, the upcoming book by David Schulner, Juan Jose Ryp & Felix Serrano from The Skybound imprint, just got an ominous teaser image.

NYCC 2012: Kick-Watcher at NYCC


By: Henry Barajas One of the main reasons why I started writing about Kickstarter projects is because I care a lot about independent creators trying to do their own thing.  If you have ever considered making something and putting it out there for the world to judge; a project that will either make or break you […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: August 2012


Walking Dead continues its reign at the top of the indie chart, if not quite at the figures it sold last month, with Saga, Buffy and surprise-hit Doctor Who/ Star Trek following up. Valiant’s latest hit, Archer and Armstrong is well up there as well. Buffy spin-off Spike, a new Star Wars title, an RPG adaptation and are the only other high charting debuts. Elsewhere, all-ages books continue to show stronger than average sales, headed-up by the bonkers Adventure Time.

New York Comic Con more about comics than you thought


With some perspective from really only following the show via the internet, this year’s New York Comic Con seems to have been another huge, hectic success. While crowding seems to have been an issue yet again, despite show promotion that featured media guests over comics, comics publishing announcements dominated the news cycle. In fact, NYCC […]

NYCC 2012: Indie Invasion in Artist Alley


The biggest topic of discussion about NYCC this year is the placing of Artist Alley. It was moved to its own pristine environment in a white, well-lit hangar in surprisingly orderly fashion. This created a number of strange features, some positive, some less, depending on your perspective. It was at the end of a long […]