NYCC12: Day Two in Words and Pictures

The Hall of Justice.  Look!  Up in the sky!

Today, I got to the show at around 11:30. As I tried to hurry to the Andrews McMeel booth to get a book signed, I was amazed at the number of people wandering around.  Shouldn’t they be at work on a Friday? Anyway, the crowds were not so thick that I could not crowd surf, […]

NYCC: Brian Wood’s Boats and Wookiees Panel


By: Henry Barajas As you all know this is my first time in the big city and this is a great and valuable experience.  Growing up I have read countless books, comics and watched many movies that gave me the idea I have of New York.  Brian’s work was the main reason why I wanted […]

NYCC: Andy Diggle to write Third Act of Thief of Thieves; Continue Ubiquity


Not content with Action Comics, Dynamite, Doctor Who (NEVER Dr) and 2000AD, writer Andy Diggle was today announced as the third writer for Image’s Thief of Thieves. Run like a TV serial – and currently planned to be an actual TV serial – the premise of the series was created by Robert Kirkman, who acts […]

Studio Coffee Run: Ed Brubaker adaptations, RZA + Morrison = Happy!, Arrow scores high ratings, etc.


Ed Brubaker has a veritable slew of projects in development for TV and feature films, including Rising Suns, an espionage thriller to air on NBC and an adaptation of his graphic novel Coward, that Electric City is producing (via THR and Deadline) Woot! Master MC, The RZA of the Wu Tang Clan, is teaming up […]

Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder Have New Series, Unwritten Invades Fables and Other Vertigo Announcements


The big announcement at DC’s vertigo panel looks to be the announcement of new series from Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder, two Vertigo creator pulled over to the DCU side of things for the New 52 relaunch.  Lemire had the surprise book of the relaunch in Animal Man.  Snyder’s Batman has emerged as the DCU’s top gun and […]

Future of Valiant Highlights


At the Future of Valiant panel, Valiant is continuing to build out their universe.  This isn’t incredibly different from how the original Valiant universe sprung up.  Perhaps, this is at a slightly slower pace.  If you’ve been reading the Valiant titles in the last couple months, you’ll have noticed the world building leaking over between […]