NYCC12: Day Two in Words and Pictures

The Hall of Justice.  Look!  Up in the sky!

Today, I got to the show at around 11:30. As I tried to hurry to the Andrews McMeel booth to get a book signed, I was amazed at the number of people wandering around.  Shouldn’t they be at work on a Friday? Anyway, the crowds were not so thick that I could not crowd surf, […]

NYCC Friday News Roundup

Lots of news today.  Here are all the links in one place.

Valiant’s Shadowman in Film Development; JMS Attached as Screenwriter


And the transmedia streak continues.  Valiant has confirmed the Deadline| Hollywood report to me that a Shadowman film is indeed in pre-production.

NYCC: Brian Wood’s Boats and Wookiees Panel


By: Henry Barajas As you all know this is my first time in the big city and this is a great and valuable experience.  Growing up I have read countless books, comics and watched many movies that gave me the idea I have of New York.  Brian’s work was the main reason why I wanted […]

NYCC: Andy Diggle to write Third Act of Thief of Thieves; Continue Ubiquity


Not content with Action Comics, Dynamite, Doctor Who (NEVER Dr) and 2000AD, writer Andy Diggle was today announced as the third writer for Image’s Thief of Thieves. Run like a TV serial – and currently planned to be an actual TV serial – the premise of the series was created by Robert Kirkman, who acts […]

Studio Coffee Run: Ed Brubaker adaptations, RZA + Morrison = Happy!, Arrow scores high ratings, etc.


Ed Brubaker has a veritable slew of projects in development for TV and feature films, including Rising Suns, an espionage thriller to air on NBC and an adaptation of his graphic novel Coward, that Electric City is producing (via THR and Deadline) Woot! Master MC, The RZA of the Wu Tang Clan, is teaming up […]

NYCC: Six In Six: Brandon Seifert


by Matt O’Keefe Welcome to Six In Six, where I ask comic folk six questions and get my answers in six minutes or less. Here at NYCC 2012 I’m asking creators about their experience with and opinions on Image Comics. Here’s my interview with Brandon Seifert. Image clearly had a big year. Name one thing […]

Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder Have New Series, Unwritten Invades Fables and Other Vertigo Announcements


The big announcement at DC’s vertigo panel looks to be the announcement of new series from Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder, two Vertigo creator pulled over to the DCU side of things for the New 52 relaunch.  Lemire had the surprise book of the relaunch in Animal Man.  Snyder’s Batman has emerged as the DCU’s top gun and […]

Future of Valiant Highlights


At the Future of Valiant panel, Valiant is continuing to build out their universe.  This isn’t incredibly different from how the original Valiant universe sprung up.  Perhaps, this is at a slightly slower pace.  If you’ve been reading the Valiant titles in the last couple months, you’ll have noticed the world building leaking over between […]

Oni Announcements Round Up: Sixth Gun Spin-Off,


Oni Press sent out one of the longest press releases I’ve seen in my life, coming on the heels of their Sixth Gun TV deal, but that’s OK.  I’m here to pull out the good bits for you.

X-Men at NYCC: A Weird Future

By LTZ Overheard in the crowd before NYCC’s All-New X-Men panel: “This one’s all about X-Men? Ugh.” Attending the panel were Senior Editor Nick Lowe, Editors Jeanine Schaefer and Daniel Ketchum, Uncanny Avengers writer Rick Remender, Cable and X-Force writer Dennis Hopeless, X-Factor writer Peter David, Wolverine and the X-Men writer Jason Aaron, Astonishing X-Men […]

APE alert!


New York Comic-Con isn’t the only comics show going on this weekend—and some would say it isn’t even the comickest. That designation might go to this year’s Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. Guests include Sergio Aragones, Miriam Libicki, Jim Woodring, Ben Katchor, and all three Hernandez brothers, who are completing a triumphant 30th Anniversary […]

NYCC: The X-Men in Marvel NOW!


The X-Men panel has just ended at NYCC, revealing a few bits and pieces, but mostly just going over the basic premise for each of the titles in the Marvel NOWniverse. But there are some bits and pieces! And new art from Mike Del Mundo and Stuart Immonen! Here’s a rundown:

NYCC: Giffen Returns to Cosmic Comics for DC’s Threshold


Starting a new wave for DC, I believe their fourth, comes the announcement that a new property will be launching from the company in January called Threshold. A space series featuring a number of DC’s cosmic characters, the series will be written by Keith Giffen and drawn by Tom Raney.

Matt Wagner On The Shadow: Year One


The Shadow, as a pulp character, turned up fully formed.  Anything in his past was told as a flashback.  A bit of background here, a little bit there and a fair amount was left in the… shadows.  Dynamite is going to be exploring The Shadow’s Origins in The Shadow: Year One in 2013.  Getting into untold origins […]

Bionic Crossover in January


Back when they were on the air, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman used to periodically crossover.  Two of the more memorable occasions were “The Return of Bigfoot” and “Kill Oscar” (the three-part Fembot epic that Mike Myers must have found memorable). In January, Dynamite will launch the comic book version of […]