NYCC: Del Toro and Morrison join Legendary


Legendary Comics unveiled a couple of new contributors: Guillermo del Toro and Grant Morrison. Del Toro will oversee a graphic novel based on his PACIFIC RIM neo-kaiju vs mecha film, which will be written by Travis Beacham , while Morrison is writing THE ANNIHILATOR, a Hollywood twist on the story of Faust where a man […]

NYCC12: Day One in Photos

(No, not where you check your coat.)  This is new, and I don't think ReedPop advised attendees.  This exists at every entrance.  Will it cause a backlog?  No idea, but either come early, or stroll in later.

Most of the first day was spent wandering the show floor from Three to Nine, checking out the big booths before the maddening hordes arrive tomorrow. Here are some photos.  Taken from my cellphone.  Sorry about the resolution. Any pics you’ve found online?  Feel free to share yours!

NYCC: My Little Bronie Panel


By: Henry Barajas I’ve never seen My Little Pony but I know one when I see it.  I thought it was a cartoon for little girls but apparently it’s taking over the world.

Scott Snyder and Jim Lee Confirmed on New Superman Title


DC’s Superman panel didn’t exactly have any surprises.  Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel were unveiled yesterday as the new Action Comics team, post-Morrison.  As widely rumored, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee were announced to be working on a new Superman title, though the actual title was not named.  We’ll see if it turns out to be Man […]

Asian American Creators Deconstruct Stereotypes


by Amy Chu Yellow Claw. Ming the Merciless. Wing How. A panel of Asian American comics creators talked candidly about racial stereotypes past and present in comics last night at the Museum of Chinese in America in New York City’s Chinatown. Writer/artist Larry Hama, writer Greg Pak, and editors of the Asian American anthology Shattered […]

Ryan North, Christopher Hastings and Anthony Clark to create Galaga comic for Shiftylook


As announced on a livestreamed video feed in which a giant cardboard Ryan North loomed over helpless Anthony Clark and Christopher Hastings, the trio will be producing a Galaga comic for Shiftylook comics.

September Sales: DC’s Zero Month Gets A Bump; Marvel Has Trouble Breaking 60K

avx 11

The September sales estimates are out.  DC had jumps across the board for their Zero Month promotion, so the retailers certainly responded to that.  Marvel, on the other hand… well, when they say they’re not broken and they don’t have to reboot, you really have to ask if their non-AVX sales are broken when you […]

NYCC: IDW Announce Kill Shakespeare: The Tide of Blood


Fresh press release! Crisp and tender. IDW have announced that writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery will return to their acclaimed Kill Shakespeare series with a new five-issue miniseries debuting in February. Andy Belanger will return as artist on the miniseries, which follows up from the previous two books in the series.

Peter Panzerfaust To the BBC in TV / Transmedia Adaption


Did I mention there was a lot of comics to TV news in the wake of NYCC?  Well, here’s another bit.  Peter Panzerfaust, the Image/Shadowline  series that’s essentially Peter Pan vs. Nazis has been picked up by the BBC.  

NYCC: Bob Wayne covers Mad


Whereas for some groups, it’s Olivia Munn or Adrienne Curry who might be a a draw, for comic book retailers, DC’s VP of Sales Bob Wayne is a beloved figure, and his appearances at any retailing event is always cause for applause. At this morning’s Diamond Retailer Appreciation breakfast, following a sneak peak at an […]

Diamond retailer breakfast: Dynamite, BOOM!, and Valiant all joining the FOC program


At the Diamond Retailer appreciation breakfast this morning, after being forced to surrender phones and become sequestered behind a blast shield door, attendees were treated to some new footage from IRON MAN 3 which included the scene of Tony Stark getting his suit on to the strains of the Run DMC classic “Christmas in Hollis” […]

NYCC: On the Scene: Chris Hardwick and Fred Siebert Talk Digital Culture


By Hannah Means-Shannon Following an afternoon’s intensive session in the highs and lows of digital media and the state of the comics industry at ICv2’s conference at NYCC, led by Milton Griepp , Chris Hardwick of the THE NERDIST PODCAST and longtime TV producer Fred Siebert (ADVENTURE TIME, FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, Frederator Studios) regaled the audience […]

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Variant Cover for Young Avengers #1


In which Loki gets down with his bad self, Hulkling gets handy, Marvel Boy makes a new crush, and Ms America Chavez rules all:

NBC Puts The Sixth Gun Into Development – Lost Co-Showrunner Cuse Producing


Who knew NYCC was going to be comics to television central?  First Ed Brubaker sells two pilots, now Oni’s The Sixth Gun is announced as going into development for NBC. Deadline Hollywood has Carlton Cuse Executive Producing. Everybody is harping on Cuse being one of the co-showrunners for Lost.  That’s not the interesting bit, in terms of […]

NYCC: PW’s ICv2 Conference coverage


Here’s my piece for PW on The ICV2 conference with coverage of the white paper, kids panel, digital panel and worldwide publishing panel. Analyzing sales by channel, graphic novels are up 13% in the comics specialty market, and down 18% in bookstores, still recovering from the loss of Borders. Digital is showing growth all the […]

NYCC: Marvel Announce Season One Books for Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor


And now we enter into the world of NYCC, with sprawling corridors filled with multi-limbed octopeople, powerpoint presentations, and announcements. Marvel have today announced that they are to continue their series of ‘Season One’ Graphic Novels, with the release of Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor books. Telling the origin and first adventures of these Marvel […]