Popeye Vs Martians from IDW in January


Fresh from IDW’s Twitter account comes a teaser which makes me wonder if perhaps my computer screen is somehow laced with opiates. According to the company, apparently this January a new storyline will cross Popeye with… Mars Attacks. Look, there’s an image for it and everything, I’m not lying to you: It’s either the idea […]

Michael Uslan to Receive Honorary Doctorate from Monmouth University

Michael Uslan

Michael Uslan, executive producer of the Batman motion picture franchise and a pioneer of the academic study of comic books, thereby elevating the stature of the medium, will receive an honorary doctorate from Monmouth University during their annual Founders’ Day Convocation next Wednesday.

IDW to publish collection of Cerebus covers


Can we all agree IDW editor Scott Dunbier has the magic touch? Not only was he long the Alan Moore Whisperer, but now he’s become the Dave Sim whisperer. Despite his antipathy towards publishers with publicists and contracts, Dave Sim has signed up with IDW to publish a color collection of Cerebus covers. These covers, […]

Fool’s Gold: Searching for Longbox Treasure: Asbury Park Comic Con, Part 2

superman 261

When last we saw our stalwart treasure seeker, he was riding the subway, reading comics which he had found in the discount bins at a comics convention a beer bottle’s throw from the Asbury Park boardwalk. What tawdry tales did he thumb through while riding the rails to and from work? What four-color fictions fed […]