31 Days of Halloween: Make your own Lego Superhero Costumes


Better than just Legos. Better than just superheroes. SUPERHERO LEGO HALLOWEEN COSTUMES, as constructed by one family. You will need to go to Lowe’s for a lot of supplies, but the results are convincing.


Friday afternoon kitten blogging—with added shelf porn


Lucy Mona Tinúviel. Yes, she has one eye bigger than the other and it gives her the most adorable winking look. Charlie Victor Finrod, book loving rascal. Cats. Books. Internet. Huff it.


To Do Tonight: Gabrielle Bell at Skylight Books in LA


2012 Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Online Comic, Gabrielle Bell, is reading from her new collection, Voyeurs (Uncivilized Books) tonight at LA’s Skylight Books. The reading will be followed by a discussion and signing. Come on down, people, this is gonna be a good one. Here’s the info: When: Tonight, Friday, October 5, 7:30 PM […]


On the Scene: Sex and Comics at The Brooklyn Book Festival


by Hannah Means-Shannon It’s been a big year for comics across the board with record numbers of fans at comic cons and press shows, and the Brooklyn Book Festival tuned into the zeitgeist by offering a wide variety of comics-specific panels. There was at least one easy choice out of the hefty list of possibilities […]


The Consequences of AvX


As a prelude to Kieron Gillen’s actual recounting of the consequences from Marvel’s Avengers Vs X-Men event, let’s take a quick look at some of the dangling stories/ideas/moments which may or may not be addressed in the near future. This was a big event by any stands, with five writers and three artists involved, as […]


Can Comics Become Legitimate Bestsellers?

To me, the answer to that question is definitely: yes! But that also depends on a lot of moving parts and with encouragement from The Beat, I’m going to post a few columns here about the elements needed to create real marketing programs that can help better define what a bestseller is and where the real opportunities lie.


DC #1 Publisher with Zero month; AvX top book for September

The Judas Coin

DC was the top publisher in September by a solid margin, with it’s month of Zero issues convincingly beating Marvall, which had the #1 book in AvX #11. The comparative statistics are an interesting case — sales are down significantly against August, but that was a five week month. Year-to-year this is the first time we’re comparing New 52 to New 52, and comcis sales are down while GN sales are up in double digits. Year to date is up for 2012 however. In general, a strong year continues, and Marvel better print up some more variant covers.


Cartoonist adapts to changing times


The disintegration of the newspaper business continued this week when the Syracuse Post-Standard announced it was going to a three-times-a-week schedule and laying off 115 employees, including staff cartoonist Frank Cammuso. The Daily Cartoonist caught up with Cammuso and shows he wasn’t caught entirely unawares: A: You’ve done a lot of cartooning outside of the […]


Dave Sim’s October surprise — UPDATED!!!


Update! A new response fro Kim Thompson! Scroll down for the amazing response! All of this hoo hah seems to have died down so maybe it is not time to resurrect it, but for those who want a capsule recap, here’s the deal with Dave Sim and Fantagraphics. I have probably missed a point or […]


Seth illustrates Chekhov’s ABOUT LOVE


Okay, don’t everyone kill yourself at once! Seth, cartoonist of the long lost and forlorn, has designed and illustrated a new editions of Chekhov’s ABOUT LOVE, three linked tales of abortive attempts at happiness, The Moscow Times tells us: Chekhov is one of Seth’s favorite writers, because of the sympathetic and yet obtuse nature of his work, Seth said. […]


Studio Coffee Run: The Hulk TV show stalled, S.H.I.E.L.D. casting news, Walking Dead’s Cold Storage, etc.


The latest developments on The Hulk TV show that isn’t happening anytime soon, S.H.I.E.L.D. casting leakage, The Walking Dead gets it’s own masthead, Arrow stills and more.


Fantagraphics announces more Barks and Craig and Feldstein EC reprints


It came as a reward in the Dave Sim epic thread. Just in case you didn’t get to the end, as announced by Fantagraphics publisher Gary Groth, here are some upcoming books in their Carl Barks and EC reprint series: The next Barks book will be titled “The Old Castle’s Secret” and will contain the […]


CCAD’s Mix 2012 is going on right now


Columbus Ohio’s Columbus College of Art and Design is throwing yet another awesome comics symposium called Mix 2012: Comics Symposium — there are two days left. Events include symposiums on Kirby, a Chris Ware keynote speech, and many other great things. I totally dropped the ball on covering this beforehand, but hopefully we’ll have some […]


George R.R. Martin Supports CBLDF For Banned Books Week!

Via PR, but it’s a great cause! George R.R. Martin, the celebrated creator of GAME OF THRONES and WILD CARDS  is celebrating Banned Books Week by supporting the important work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!  This is his special message about what he’s doing to help, and how you can join him in […]