Review: The Tower Chronicles


By Todd Allen The Tower Chronicles: Geisthawk is the first in a series of graphic albums from Legendary Comics concerning a monster hunter named Tower.  In a little bit of a twist, this concept was actually hatched by Legendary Entertainment founder Thomas Tull (the producer or executive producer of Dark Knight, The Hangover, The Town, […]

Monday Morning Funnies: Pubertina

Pubertina discovers the joys of burgeoning womanhood, like maxipads.

Welcome to the Tuesday afternoon edition of the new Beat feature, Monday Morning Funnies. This week features the YouTube tween cartoon sensation, Pubertina. Sorry for delay, but, well, you know how teenagers are. They’ve got issues! And Pubertina is no exception. Well, actually, she kind of is. Since the Shut Up! Cartoon about “Pubes,” a […]

TONIGHT: Fifty Shades of Banned!


Banned books week is upon us, and the CBLDF is doing its part by hosting what will be a night of erotically sensational readings and an all around fabulous time. Fifty Shades of Banned will feature dramatic readings from censored literature, including The Story of O,Joe Blow, Howl, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and Fifty Shades of Grey. Performers include sexologist […]

Megaskull: The Interview

IMG_9627 copy

At this year’s SPX, London’s Nobrow Press booth was indeed one of the shining surprises of the weekend. Filled with some of the most artistically intuitive graphic novels and then some, one of the newest highlights was indefinitely Kyle Platt’s MEGASKULL. While not in attendance, MEGASKULL was released at a party in its honor at […]