31 Days of Halloween: Jack Davis, Animated, in 3-D!


A few weeks ago, Cartoon Brew publicized the new Blu-Ray release of Mad Monster Party, a rare Rankin-Bass motion picture.  (I did intend to publicize the events, but then NYCC happened.)  Among most pop-culture fans, Rankin-Bass is known for Christmas specials, which air every year, generating nostalgic bliss as we watch misfit toys and meteorological […]


New York Comic Con 2020: A Look Back


Well, the fifteenth New York Comic Con just concluded ten days of pop cultural programming in Manhattan.  While ReedPOP does not release exact data points, initial estimates set the attendance at the Javits Convention Center at 480,000 with 335,000 unique visitors.  (In a move to encourage the greatest number of attendees, RP limited the availability […]


Happy Halloween! Tomorrow’s MTA Subway map


It isn’t hard to get into the Halloween spirit when you’re wandering through a post-apocalyptic world without power or Wi-Fi and running low on food. I’m torn between laughing at the tiny indignities of post-Sandy Manhattan—no lids for coffee even in the power zone!—and feeling sorrow over the vast, vast economic and human toll of […]


First Look: FF #1 by Fraction and Allred


Here’s a look at a book that a lot of people will want to look at, the wacky new take on the FF by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred. The first issue ships 11/28 — and all issues will have special Marvel AR content. With the Fantastic Four embarking on an epic journey, an all-new […]


Thrillbent – Now With 2 More Free Digital Comics


Mark Waid’s been busy over at his Thrillbent website.  He’s added two new features… and not even by him.  If you happen to be somewhere the weekly comic shipments have been disrupted and are looking for some new comics, you do worse than to have a look at a his site, which has webcomics that […]


Today is deadline to apply for TCAF 2013! Plus TCAF in Japan


For those of you with power, you might want to be reminded that today is the deadline to apply for the 2013 Toronto Comics Arts Festival, which will be held May 12-13. Details below: The Toronto Comic Arts Festival Saturday, May 11th, and Sunday May 12th, 2013 @ Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge St. Free […]


Lil’ Gotham Arrives Today as a Digital-First Comic


Yes we’re all attempting to adjust to life in this new, crazy, Disney-owning-Lucasfilm landscape, but let’s return to comics for just a little bit, okay? Because DC have announced that that artist/creator Dustin Nguyen’s Lil Gotham series will be released as a series of digital-first stories starting today.


George Lucas On The Disney Sale In His Own Words (Video)

Not one, but two videos have popped up with George Lucas talking about sending his intellectual properties and sundry companies over to Disney.


Dark Horse React to Disney’s Acquisition of Lucasfilm

Newsarama have published a statement from Dark Horse President Mike Richardson regarding Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. This move obviously raises questions about Dark Horse, who currently own the rights to the Star Wars franchise. It’s nothing definitive, by any terms, but it does suggest that something may have to change as a result of Disney’s […]


Disney Buy Lucasfilm; Announce New Star Wars Film


This may be delirium setting in, but it seems that Disney have acquired Lucasfilm today for the princely sum of $4.05 billion. This means Disney now effectively own properties including Star Wars, Indiana Jones…. Willow, and several others. And what are they going to do with this? According to reports, their first move was to […]


Disney acquires Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion

Details are still emerging, but Disney chairman Bob Iger has just announced Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. It was a cash-and-stock deal that has probably left George Lucas an ultra-kabillionaire. (That’s $500 million more than they paid for Marvel, for those keeping score.) Disney and George Lucas’s Star Wars universe have had many […]


Toledo Free Press Ponders the Future of Comic Shops

Jim Beard of the Toledo Free Press takes a look at the disconnect between superhero movie box office receipts and meager comic sales, today.  He also gets an eclectic set of odd quotes.


Preview: GANG BANG BONG #3


Adding to what is going to be an exceptional surplus of releases for next month’s BCGF is the third installment of the unconventional and visually dazzling GANG BANG BONG, a bilingual comic anthology completely removed from any confining narrative structure; rather, editors Ines Estrada and Ginette Lapalme explore new mediums of visual storytelling through a […]


Monkeybrain Pledge all November Profits to The Hero Initiative


  Chris Roberson, co-founder of the digital publisher Monkeybrain Comics, has put out an open letter today explaining that for the whole of November, all profits made by the company will be donated directly to The Hero Initative. Along with Allison Baker, Roberson set up the company earlier this year as a way to put […]


What’s With these Digital Comics Executives on Kickstarter?

It has come to my attention we now having dueling Kickstarter projects from highly placed employees at both Comixology and iVerse.


The Missing Scene From the Last Episode of Doctor Who

When the last episode on Doctor Who aired a few weeks ago, companions Amy and Rory left the Doctor (and the show)… but nobody bothered to explain to Rory’s father, a re-occurring character, where they’d gone to.  It turns out that scene was written, but not filmed.  The BBC has released the animated storyboards for […]