A new edition of A Distant Soil is coming


On her blog, Colleen Doran has announced a new collected edition of A DISTANT SOIL, her long running signature work.

Rumblings in the nerd media: Variety, EW, Boucher


As a daily reporter on the nerd media for over a decade, sometimes The Beat likes to sit back and take it all in. And of late there have been some telling moves that show how the nerd media/new media is putting the boots to the old media that STILL just Doesn’t Get It.

First there’s l’afffair Geoff Boucher. Boucher, one of the LA Times top entertainment reporters launched his Hero Complex blog in 2008, at the tale end of the Golden Age of Blogging.

New Hobbit poster unveils a drove of dwarves


Can’t name ’em all yet? Oh you will, laddies, yes you will.

Beat Man of the Year, Non-Comics Division: R.A. Dickey


Is there a more feel good story anywhere this year than the R.A. Dickey saga?

Once cast on the scrapheap of pitching due to lacking a crucial ligament in his elbow, Dickey went through purgatory and emerged with the determination to claw his way back, and gripping the baseball with his knuckles. The Mets pitcher won his 20th game yesterday, the first Met to do so since 1990, and along the way he’s having one of the greatest seasons ever by a pitcher who specializes in throwing knuckleballs.

Mark Millar is Now a Movie Consultant For Fox (On the Marvel Licenses)


By Todd Allen Mark Millar continues his migration to the world of film.  Millar is now a “creative consultant” to 20th Century Fox.  As you may recall, Fox still has the rights the X-Men, Fantastic Four and (probably) the Silver Surfer.  Fox is currently making a new Wolverine movie, has Matthew Vaughn on tap for […]

As Editor Brian Smith leaves DC, we learn you can’t spell schadenfreude without “Liefeld”


Former Marvel and now DC editor Brian Smith tweeted the other day that he was moving on to go back to his freelance work. Which is a fairly normal occurrence. Except when not long ago, the one and only Rob Liefeld was tweeting that you were a horrible editor and had small appendages. And so Smith’s departure was the occasion for another Liefeld broadside:

This Weekend: Asbury Park Comic Con II


Comic cons are springing up like umbrella stands in the rain everywhere around the US — even in small places like Asbury Park. This Saturday the second Asbury Park Comic Con kicks off at the historic Asbury Lanes bar and bowling alley and punk rock venue. The first show in April was a cozy old […]

Gillen and McKelvie Roundup


By Steve Morris Artist Jamie McKelvie and writer Kieron Gillen have taken the spotlight today, with several pieces of news – both good and bad – coming from their camp. The good news is that Marvel have just released a teaser which lists them as the creative team for a story in their upcoming ‘Point […]

Cartoonists Doing Things: Lumberjack Day 2012


Did you miss it? Yesterday was Lumberjack Day, a holiday best celebrated by wearing plaid, sporting a beard (either naturally grown or homemade), and eating pancakes. The holiday was created back in 2005 by two good friends: graphic novel author Colleen AF Venable and comedy producer Marianne Ways. It was invented in response to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which falls a week prior. The pirate jokes were getting old, so the team moved on to another comedy troupe: lumberjacks. Lumberjack Day falls annually on September 26.

Amethyst’s long heritage of attempted rape


So Amethyst is finally back! I admit this fantasy saga of a 13-year-old girl who finds she actually a princess of Gemworld was one of my favorite comics of the time, aided by the great storytelling by writers Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn and Ernie Colon’s marvelous art, filled with imagination and whimsical details. The […]

Webcomic alert: Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong


Following up on the successful webcomic to print model of FRIENDS WITH BOYS, Faith Erin Hicks is serializing her new GN for First Second, NOTHING CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG, an adaptation of the YA novel by Prudence Shen. Pru and I will be blogging our way through NCPGW, offering author & cartoonist insights and various […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 9/27/12 — the birth of modern comics fandom

§ Ms Magazine marks its 40th anniversary with the return of its original cover girl: Wonder Woman as portrayed by Mike Allred. Over the past 40 years, Wonder Woman, Ms and feminism have had a lot of ups and downs, but clearly the symbolism is working again. § More Great Graphic Novels from Boing Boing […]

Introducing The New Beat—and a request


A few people miss the all-in-one page layout—I think it’s possible to create a page that presents it all in this fashion and in the next round of tinkers I’ll look into that. … Of course we’ll be presenting as much top notch content, breaking news, thought provoking analysis and pictures of lovable kittens to earn these social media thumbs ups, but all of it will definitely help the site recover from the dark old days.

Kickwatcher: Victor Ochoa of NOBODIES, Volume 2

NOBODIES vol. 2 is the most auspicious comic book project to grace Kickstarter.

Legendary Spotlight: Matt Wagner on developing THE TOWER CHRONICLES


[Multiple Eisner Award winning cartoonist  Matt Wagner has long been known for his sure hand with adventure comics; the breadth of imagination for his signature creations Mage and Grendel and his distinctive re-imaginings of Batman in various titles over the years. Now he’s imagining for the first time John Tower, a new character created by Legendary Pictures studio head Thomas Tull and debuting this week as part of the new Legendary Comics line. THE TOWER CHRONICLES: GEISTHAWK #1 is being published in the “prestige” format—a squarebound 64 page comics—well-known to 90s comics readers but not much used today. But it seems appropriate for the story that Wagner is telling, along with artist Simon Bisley inker Rodney Ramos and colorist Ryan Brown. In the following interview Wagner walks us through the process of developing John Tower and talks about his entire approach to making comics. We previously talked to Legendary’s COO Tim Connors here. ]

ComiCON-versation #11: Join the CON-versation


The team at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con has spent much of the last week working on booking new dates for 2013. We discovered that Stan Lee’s Comikaze had booked our traditional dates for 2013 and we needed to decide what the best course of action was for LBCHC. When it came down to it the answer was a lot easier than you’d expect.

Do we stick with our dates and get ready for a battle or look into new dates for 2013? Our immediate thought was that staying put is not fair to ANYONE. Attendees are forced to choose. Our partners, our exhibitors, and creators, are then all put in the middle and forced to choose where they will be. It will cost LBCHC more money and will certainly result in less than desired results from not only our comicon but for Stan Lee’s Comikaze as well. Everyone loses. And that’s just not how we conduct business. We have our attendees and partners to consider as we do when making any major decision about LBCHC. And frankly, we just don’t do ‘Con Wars.’