Fool’s Gold: Searching for Longbox Treasure: Asbury Park Comic Con


When I attend a comics show, I have three goals: chat with friends and exhibitors, see what’s new, and buy comics. I don’t buy many new comics… I can wait for the trade. I don’t buy many trades… review copies arrive at my day job, keeping my eyes busy.  Plus, I don’t want to lug […]

A Growing Sense of Concern Over Variant Covers


By Todd Allen As you’re probably aware, one of the marketing tactics Marvel is using to secure initial orders for their Marvel NOW! (Are you supposed to scream NOW! when saying that out loud?) relaunch is offering retailers variant covers tied to the number of copies of the book that are ordered.  This has started […]

Hotel Transylvania Brings the Box Office Back From the Dead


By Todd Allen A $43M film debut in September?  Unheard of?  Not any more.  Hotel Transylvania shook the movie theaters out of their slump in rather dramatic fashion.  The other big debut, Bruce Willis/Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Looper, hit for $21M which would have made it a #1 film in recent weeks.

SPX 2012: the last photo bomb

Pat Barrett, Dakota McFadzean, Beth Hetland

BY JEN VAUGHN – These photos are photos that SHOULD be out on the internet somewhere instead of sitting on my phone. Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, and Charles Burns are all fantastic and so very polite, but take a peak at the cartoonists and talent (younger and not as polite) who […]

INTERVIEW: Matt Smith On Ten Years With 2000AD


Since 2002, Matt Smith has been the editor for 2000AD, the mostly-crazed British sci-fi anthology magazine which first appeared on shelves over 35 years ago. Since coming in as editor, he’s watched writers and artists like Frazer Irving, Si Spurrier, Jock, Henry Flint, Rob Williams and Leigh Gallagher take the book and continue to push […]