Variant cover for A-Babies vs X-Babies establishes Marvel’s own "cutecore" line


Somehow we missed the news that marvel is releasing a one shot called A-BABIES VS. X-BABIES #1 which is coming out next month. with a script by Skottie Young and art by Gurihiru. A new variant cover by Chris Eliopoulous has been released. Say what you will about this idea….this is an adorable cover. Young […]

Advance Review: Happy #1

happy1 web 588x1024 Advance Review: Happy #1

By Steve Morris Happy marks the first creator-owned story from Grant Morrison in a while, with the writer busy reworking Batman and Superman over the past few years. A miniseries for Image, the book sees Morrison collaborating with Darick Robertson for a crime serial set at Christmas. And based on the first issue, this feels […]

Monday Morning Funnies: Insta★COP


Kill Shakespeare Artist, Andy Bellanger, and former Marvel/DC Digital Comics Editor, Kwanza Johnson launch social media comic series, Insta★COP, across across Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter starting today.

Comic Books Closeout Explosion for Nigeria


While there is a certain dodginess that makes linking to this feel a little weird, I found this listing for a liquidation center’s comic offerings vaguely amusing:

Alan Moore talks about new HP Lovecraft project


[Photo via Mei Li] Alan Moore made an appearance at the N.I.C.E. show in his native Northampton this weekend, and the event was well covered in audio by Stereoket:

Boing Boing’s Great Graphic Novels


Boing Boing just ran a series called Great Graphic Novels where various writer friends of Mark Frauenfelder pick just that. It’s a quirky list, with, for instance, Jim Woodring picking Steve Lafler’s Ménage à Bughouse:

Stan Lee is "totally fine" and drinking a milkshake


While Stan Lee’s canceling of some appearances has led to all the anxiety and speculation that one might expect for a man his age, the Facebook page for the Comikaze Expo, which he owns, has some information from closer at hand:

Great cartoonist photos: Los Bros Hernandez visit Jack Kirby’s birthplace


While visiting New York, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez made a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jack Kirby at 147 Essex St. and the result is one of the most wonderful photos I’ve ever seen. There’s another one with tour guide Frank Santoro here. This is as good a place as any to note that a […]

Notes from Stately Beat Manor and the Brooklyn Book Festival


Just some housekeeping. § We may actually get getting the new server and stable WordPress installation this week. Fingers crossed. Any day now. We’ll have to refrain from posting anything that might draw traffic until then, because anytime more than 11 people click on a post at once….bad things happen, as we’re sure you’ve noticed. […]