Greg Rucka Gets Increasingly Candid About Work For Hire Conditions, Debunks Another Myth

By Todd Allen In a rare instance of a DC/Marvel creator being candid about how they perceive the environment, Greg Rucka has given something very close to an exit interview to Mark Millar’s CLiNT magazine.  The upshot, to paraphrase Popeye, he’s had enough and enough is too much.  His final straw at Marvel was The […]

Con Wars 2: Wrestling edition

As long as we’re rolling out all our Con Wars stories, here’s one that’s confirmed from multiple sources: part of the stipulation for WWE wrestlers to appear at Wizard World shows is for TNA wrestlers NOT to appear. Lisa Marie Varon talks about this in the above video, saying she was set to appear at Wizard World Chicago, but was called and told not to come at the last minute. Varon wrestled in the WWE as Victoria, and currently appears in TNA as Tara.

Con Wars 2: Pacific Northwest edition

Not too long ago a brand new show on the busy convention circuit was announced: Wizard World Oregon, to be held February 22-24. While the dates didn’t seem to conflict with an existing Portland, OR show, what we failed to notice at the time is that these dates are just a week before Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon. And that has definitely created yet more scuttlebutt on the con circuit.

Con Wars 2: SoCal edition

While the indie comics world was swooning over Chris Ware in Bethesda last weekend, yet another assault was being made on tapping the LA comic-con market with Stan Lee’s Comikaze. It was by most accounts an enjoyable show in the nerdlebrity mold, with comics pressed up against Adam West and Elvira. Having Stan Lee running around didn’t hurt, of course.

DC's new Talent page

No, not a page for new talent. A new PAGE for Talent. In fact we noticed there was this very page URL with no content a while ago, but now it’s a nice index page with names and links and stuff. The individual creator pages have covers, bios, and sometimes photos. Not all are completely filled out, but it’s a great start for the resource.