What's the New 52 Cancellation Threshold? Here's What the Numbers Say:

By Todd Allen There have been some questions about what sales circumstances call for a book’s cancellation.  Now, there are factors beyond simple sales — are they paying premium rates for the creative budget, is a title selling especially well in collected editions (well… some of these titles are axed before you can get a […]

First Look: Avengers Arena #2 cover by Chris Bachalo (and Barron Storey)

Marvel has given The Beat readers the first peak at the cover to Avengers Arena #2. The art is by Chris Bachalo.

I, Vampire and Demon Knights are not getting canceled

@paul_cornell @comixace I, Vamp is sticking around also. — Joshua Hale Fialkov (@JoshFialkov) September 18, 2012 Following this morning’s speculative piece on which DC New 52 titles were falling below the cancellation line, writers Paul Cornell and Joshua Hale Fialkov have issued definite rebuttals on Twitter. Although these books are safe for now, rumblings do […]

2012 Shuster Award Winners

The 2012 Joe Shuster Awards, honoring the best in Canadian comics, were handed out on Saturday, September 15th at the Montreal Comic-Con. Jason Rockman and Catherine Smith-Desbiens handed out the awards–check the link for jury comments on the winners.

New 52 Cancellation Watch – Another Purge On the Way? UPDATED

By Todd Allen When DC released their solicitations yesterday, the dreaded words “Final Issue” were on the listing for G.I. Combat #7.  Thus far, DC has liked to cancel titles in batches and then install a new “wave” of titles.  Does this mean we’ve got some unannounced cancellations and a new batch of titles will […]

J. Torres finds some True Patriots for Canada

By Steve Morris Wolverine, Alpha Flight, Jack Bauer, Captain Kirk: many of the most famous heroes in modern history have been Canadian. But despite that, Canada still has a reputation mainly for politeness, rather than spandex-based punching and flying. As an attempt to finally wake the world up to Canada’s innate ability to defeat supervillains, […]

Free Molly Crabapple

Yesterday’s first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement was marked with a protest and some arrests, just for old times sake. Among those arrested, cartoonist Molly Crabapple. The anxiety of her experience was somewhat dimmed by the modern phenomenon of being able to live-tweet your arrest and incarceration

Free Genndy Tartakovsky's Luke Cage Comic!

While he was out junketing for HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, animation genius Genndy Tartakovsky was asked about his Luke Cage mini series for Marvel that was announced in 2007. While you would have guessed that it was just a cool idea that never got very far, Tartakovsky drops the bomb:

Wally Wood's other 32 panels

So apparently comics is not limited to 22 effective panels. There are 32 more. The palette of comics expression has been drastically expanded, the storytelling arsenal fully stocked. Alert the media!

UPDATE: Uncanny X-Force brings back Bishop

Not mentioned in the launch interview, Marvel.com have established the initial hook for Sam Humphries and Ron Garney’s relaunch of X-Force: the return of Bishop.