Humphries and Garney Relaunch Uncanny X-Force with Puck and Spiral

By Steve Morris Another teaser has been de-teased! Sam Humphries and Ron Garney have been announced as the writers for a relaunched Uncanny X-Force series, which starts this December. Perhaps wisely, Marvel are drawing a line at the end of Rick Remender’s tremendously successful run with the book, in order for the new creative team […]

SPX: Great cartoonists destroy priceless originals with drool

Okay, that was metaphorical, but…While we work on our semi-coherent SPX thoughts, check out the Official Daniel Clowes Twitter for some fantastic images of the weekend. Here’s Clowes and Chris Ware pouring over Crockett Johnson Barnaby originals at the Library of Congress:

Webcomic alert: Ted Rall on Quebec Student Protests

[click for larger version] There’s a new cartoon up at Cartoon Movement, this one by Ted Rall exploring this summer’s student protests in Quebec over tuition hikes, a well-organized protest despite a recent bill outlawing large protests. “A stone’s throw from the U.S. is one of the biggest unreported stories around, a militant protest movement […]