Interview: Former Marvel COO Bill Jemas tells us how to wake the F#ck up

[You can’t run a comics company without making some waves, and the name Bill Jemas still conjures up strong reactions from many who were around when he ran Marvel from 2000-2004. Jemas, along with Joe Quesada, oversaw a period of revolution and rebirth for Marvel as they started the Ultimates line and made many other business changes. Controversial at the time, Ultimization and other bold moves definitely put Marvel back in the game and provided a blueprint for future company-wide changes—as well as making Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Millar and J. Michael Straczynski household names in households where comics are read.

On the scene: Baltimore Comic Con Night 2

It’s Saturday night and I’m cursing the Yankees. Now even though a New Yorker at heart and my husband is a huge fan, because of the game here in Baltimore, not only did I end up with a horrible room at the Hyatt Regency Friday night, to add insult to injury, I couldn’t get it a second night. And Saturday night, as anyone knows, is really the best night to be at the Hyatt bar during Baltimore Comic Con.

'Avengers Arena' pits X-23, Avengers Academy, Runaways in fight to the death

By Steve Morris The ‘survive’ teaser has been unveiled today at, revealing Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker as the creative team for a book called Avengers Arena. The series will see sixteen teenage Marvel characters sent to Murderworld (Arcade’s home) and pitted against each other to the death. 16 characters enter; apparently only one […]

On the scene: Baltimore Comic Con: Day 2

In the wake of the Harvey Awards, and a late night for many of the invited guests of the convention, Sunday morning was mellow compared to Saturday’s hustle. Fans still brought the energy onto the floor, many of them taking advantage of what they knew would be a less hectic time frame for ordering commissions. The slower pace prompted more conversation between booths, with plenty of artists hopping between tables when they had a spare moment to reconnect with old friends. Often at larger cons, artist’s alley feels, in its darker moment, like a chain gang where prisoners keep their morale up as best they can through the churning crowds and recognize that they are all in this together. In Baltimore, it was more like the atmosphere on the last day of school, with the barely suppressed sense that the kids are taking over.

Shifty Look announces Katamari webcomic

The Shifty Look webcomic portal has just announced a Katamari comic by Alex Culang and Raynato Castro, the duo behind the site’s Buttersafe. Launched this summer, Shifty Look is dedicated to resurrecting old NamCo Bandai video game properties as webcomics. Katamari Damacy is of course the much-beloved video game where players roll a giant magnetic ball around to pick up crap and rebuild the sky. You could say it’s a literary nerd classic, and these designs are adorable.