Amazon launches its first graphic novel—and pays you $5 to read it

Earlier this week, it was Penguin finally getting into the graphic novel business, years after every other other book publisher did so. And now Amazon Studios, Amazon the etailer’s content development division, is also getting into the graphic novel game with BLACKBURN BURROW, a Civil War horror tale by Ron Marz and Matthew Dow Smith . The tale is based on a screenplay by screenwriter Jay Levy, and if that rings a chime that this is part of the “comics-to-movie” business model, your ears should be ringing.
But as an added bonus—if you read the book on their site and leave feedback…they will give you a $5 Amazon gift card. Now this business model we could get to like!

INTERVIEW: Ten Years of OK Comics


By Steve Morris We’re returning to Leeds for a second time this week (Leeds Week!), as the award winning store OK Comics celebrates ten years in business today. The store was set up by Jared Myland in 2002 as a way of introducing readers to new and unexpected graphic novels, alongside some of the more usual suspects – and […]

First Look: Claudia's Story by Anne Rice and Ashley Witter

Among fall’s many anticipated releases, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE: CLAUDIA’S STORY is an interesting twist on the graphic novel anticipation. Although Anne Rice’s much-loved vampire classic has been adapted before, in both traditional comics and manga, this book has an interesting twist: it’s told from the viewpoint of Claudia, the tragic child vampire of the […]