The Possession Keeps Possession of the Worst Box Office Since 2008


By Todd Allen August was a pretty weak month at the Box Office.  September isn’t starting out any better.  How bad was it?  For this weekend, the box office was the worst since 2008.  As good as the early summer was, only two films debuting after Dark Knight Rises: the latest Ice Age and Bourne […]

Coming Attractions: September 2012: Book Trade

________________________________________________________________ Here are the September titles from what could be considered “mainstream” publishers and distributors. Check here for previous Coming Attractions (is that an oxymoron?) Everything’s subject to change, check your local listings, void where prohibited, and all that jazz.

Daredevil and Beaton rule at the 2012 Harvey Awards

The 2012 Harvey Awards were given out on Saturday night at the Baltimore Comic-Con. The big winner was the superhero favorite DAREDEVIL with wins for Best Series, Best New Series, Best Inker and Best Writer. Kate Beaton won three, with Best Online Comics Work, the Special Award for Humor, and Best Cartoonist. Jim Henson’s TALE OF SAND by Ramon Perez, also won two, Best Original Graphic Album and Best Story.