Elfquest is back…at Boing Boing

Boing-Boing, the blog that made blogging cool, is publishing its first ongoing SFf comic…and it’s the venerable indie comics classic Elfquest! Starting Monday, Boing Boing will serialize an all new Elfquest story by creators Richard and Wendy Pini:

Indie Month-to-Month Sales July 2012

By Paul Mellerick

For a rare change we get the number one book this month, as Walking Dead #100 breaks records all over the place. Saga and Buffy are still doing decent numbers, while the third Valiant relaunch, Bloodshot does very well too. Elsewhere, Adventure Time and the Trek / Who crossover continue to punch above their weight, while new licensed Transformers and Crow titles launch strongly for IDW.


145 indie books charted this month, up on last month’s 135. The bottom book sold 4,187, up on last month’s 3,302. They sold approximately 1,717,229, up on last month’s 1,344,491, the difference being almost entirely made up of Walking Dead #100. Average sales are 11,842 per book, also up on last month’s 9,959, but without Walking Dead it would have been 9,448. As usual, UK and European sales from Diamond UK are not reported in this chart.


Out of the 145 books, 27 went up in sales, a little less th

Archaia is back at Diamond

Via a statement today, Archaia is back at Diamond, after a one year stint with PGW. Although leaving Diamond Books is a popular move for some comics publishers—especially those with a strong graphic novel presence for the book market—several of them have also come back. The bookstore market is a harsh mistress, what with returns […]

A Little Adventure Time

You don’t always have to think big when you decide to be awesome. When an artist named Oviot decided to pay tribute to Adventure Time, she elected to do so on the smallest scale imaginable. And when I say small, I’m talking about… ooh, around 1cm. Incredibly, she’s rendered miniature figurines of Finn, Jake, and […]

The 2012 Joe Shuster Awards poster revealed

Up at the official blog, the poster for the 2012 Joe Shuster Awards has been unveiled, a design by Tyrone Biljan as an homage to Expo ’67 posters. The awards, presented to the best in Canadian comics, will be given out during the Montreal Comic-Con:

Inappropriate touching and stalking roundup

In light of recent stalkerish stories, two incidents from last weekend’s PAX video game show, make for disturbing readings.

While it occurred at an event that wasn’t officially affiliated with PAX, the incident recalled by female video game blogger Kyle is perhaps given away by her blog post title: Boundaries and The Penis Incident:

Dragon*Con founder once again facing sex charges

Ed Kramer remains a shadowy figure in the fandom community. The founder of Dragon*Con, which has morphed into an adult fantasy fair of costuming and (sometimes) more, he’s also an accused sex offender, charged with molesting two teenaged boys who stayed over at his house 12 years ago. A new piece in Atlanta Magazine profiles Kramer and reveals that he’s been successfully battling those charges for all 12 years by pretending to be too ill to go to trial—so successfully that he was able to go to Connecticut and get access to another 14-year-old boy:

Wonder Woman smokes and looks sultry in Trouble Magazine

Sultry photos of a loungey Wonder Woman accompany Julie Ditrich’s story on Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston, with an emphasis on Marston’s pre-50 Shades interest in bondage, domination and having more than one wife—all interests which seeped into the pages of WONDER WOMAN.

Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Nemo: Heart of Ice cover revealed

What’s this — a new book in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-verse? yes, in a new book by Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill called NEMO: HEART OF ICE. the website for the store Gosh! has details of the 48-page hardcover, which is due in February: