Preview: DAL TOKYO by Gary Panter

The one and only Gary Panter, quintessential punk illustrator and the highly accoladed set designer of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, envisions a mind-bending sci-fi/punk fusion in a new release with Fantagraphics. Originating in 1983, this is first time Panter’s DAL TOKYO will be collected into one epic volume, exhibiting the surreal cultural and temporal collision of a futuristic Mars that is terraformed by Texas and Japan. This one is going to be a real trip.

Preview: The Understanding Monster by Theo Ellsworth

Secret Acre’s wildly psychedlic cartoonist Theo Ellsworth preps the release of his newest work, THE UNDERSTANDING MONSTER – BOOK ONE, as it debuts in a couple weeks at SPX. A quest to explore the inner workings of an imaginary world sends the displaced Izadore, whose current form is that of a mouse, to regain his true form and full realize his true identity.

Marvel Reveal Jonathan Hickman's Avengers Lineup

By Steve Morris Via that very best of methods: the Dustin Weaver giganti-cover. The covers for issues 1-3 of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers relaunch have been revealed by Marvel today, establishing that more X-Men have moved over to Cap’s Crew. While there are no surprises about which members of the Avengers movie cast made it into […]

Troll toll: the dark side of the internet

So I’ve been on vacation (on and off) for the last two weeks and hadn’t been paying too much attention to the internet—a wonderful activity that I highly recommend every six months or so. On the way home from a wedding I was surprised to learn that the man I call “John V.” seems to have become the focus of concentrated internet outrage for a day or so—and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

John V., a message board poster who uses rotating IPs to avoid filters, has been haunting the comment boards of female writers for over two years. A few months ago, for whatever reason, he seems to have started using Twitter as a base for his insults and rape-obsessed ragings. As you can see from the above, about a month ago he made a series of posts aimed at me, Tom Spurgeon, DCWKA’s Sue, Jill Pantozzi and a few others that shocked quite a few people. Although John V. is clearly a misogynist with a deep hatred of women, he also seemed to have a mad on for men of comics like Spurgeon.

Preview: The original Alien by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson

Pop quiz: What was the first graphic novel to make the New York Times’ bestseller list?

Most people would guess MAUS, and although we don’t know exactly what book holds that honor, MAUS was predated by ALIEN: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY, by Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson. First released in 1979 as a graphic “Album”, it was an unusually serious (for its time) movie adaptation with the usual stellar work by the great team of Goodwin and Simonson, who also collaborated on Manhunter. The book sold so well it did make the NY Times bestseller list at the time.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 9/4/12 — Post Labor Day Blahs edition

As we quietly put the white shoes and plastic martini glasses into one of those vacuum-sealed plastic bag thingies, some are facing the fall with renewed vigor and marketing campaigns, “gearing up” as it were. Let’s take a look, shall we? And reminder: PLEASE SEND US COOL LINKS AND NEWS TIPS AND SO ON. We do use them all the time. That email—comicsbeat at gmail dot com.