The Long Dark Eternal September of the Soul

The recent, latest online activism against an online idiot encouraged me to write something which I had been thinking about for awhile. The philosophical musing began when I discovered the following on Wikipedia: Eternal September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Long September) Jump to: navigation, search Eternal September (also September that never ended)[1] […]

Preview: The Nao Of Brown

Glyn Dillon marks his return to comics with the stunning release of THE NAO OF BROWN, a graphic novel that is shockingly different to his previous work with Vertigo. A sweeping story of a “hafu”(half Japanese and half English) young woman by the name of Nao, Dillon explores her unique form of OCD, one in which she constantly has violent and gruesome fantasies of deaths around. At the core of Nao’s self exploration is a search for perfect love, and what she finds is that the real world is as warped and convoluted as her own morbid imaginings.

Wondering about Wandering WonderCon

__________________________________________________________________________ Well, WonderCon’s continued presence in San Francisco remains in doubt, as seen here, and mentioned here back in March, as the Moscone Center gives WonderCon the Cinderella treatment.  What’s in store for WonderCon, and what are their options?