People on the Move: Segura, Abernathy

Lots of comings and goings of late. Two of the most prominent.

B&N offers huge sale on DC trade paperbacks

Looking to fill in some holes in your DC graphic novel collection?

Barnes & Noble may have what you’re looking for.

Wheel Clamp Man Vs Australia

By Steve Morris In these dark times, it’s hard to tell right from wrong anymore. Our heroes are being arrested and demasked in public, whilst supervillains are using their genius intellect to perform heartwarming acts of decency. What are we, the ‘norms’ of society, meant to do with this turning of the conventional system? Real […]

Women Read Comics in Public 3

It’s the third annual Read Comic in Public Day, and the third annual Women Read Comics in Public 3 tumblr. Get out there and show your stuff, world!

Revealed: Jay Lynch is Kringo

Artist Jay Lynch has quite a storied career for drawing the Garbage Pail Kids, creating Nard ‘n’ Pat and such recents books as Otto’s Orange Day for Toon Books. But it turns out, he and his ex-wife were also the artist known as Kringo:

Celebrate Kirby's Birthday with a contribution to the Hero Initiative

It’s no secret that for the greater part of his later years, Jack Kirby was greatly concerned with leaving a financial legacy for his family. His whole life he’d worked night and day creating entire universes…and although his creations had gone on to become multimedia sensations, because of the way the comics industry was set up, he was in no position to benefit from it.

Happy 95th Birthday, Jack Kirby

My favorite Kirby now is the more crazy abstract stuff, so my selection favors that. Of course there was much more to Kirby.

Fan Expo 2012: DC and Marvel Roundup

By Steve Morris Fan Expo Canada unfolded across this weekend, bringing all sorts of unwashed comic creators to Toronto. And with them came all sorts of pictures and words which, when assembled into coherent form, will result in exciting and surprising announcements for us all to digest, before experiencing a series of hot sweats. Read […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: July 2012

The AVENGERS VS X-MEN crossover continued to dominate both franchises in July. There are also two new ongoing titles – CAPTAIN MARVEL and X-TREME X-MEN – which unusually launch in the middle of the big crossover. And while Marvel have generally eased off on their miniseries of late, we have two this month – SPACE PUNISHER and INFERNAL MAN-THING.

In terms of market share, DC won the month, leading Marvel by 37% to 35% in units and 33% to 32% in dollars. The other big news, of course, is the remarkable sales of WALKING DEAD #100, which topped the charts with an extraordinary estimated sale of over 335,000 – but that’s a story for another column. (It also seems like a good opportunity to remind people that these figures only reflect sales to the direct market in North America. Total sales are therefore bound to be higher once you factor in sales through other channels, most obviously to the UK and Europe.)

Do YOU have what it takes to date Wonder Woman or Superman?

DC Entertainment has been setting up some unusual partnerships of late and this may just be the most innovative: a team up with dating site to present profiles of Superman and Wonder Woman, who are rumored to be hooking up in JLA #12. Perhaps realizing that many young comics fans are single, DC has surveyed male AND female users to discover that Superman is the most kissable superhero and other stuff like that. Which makes us say that users, you are totally wrong because it is Batman all the way!

New comedic Star Wars Detours show from Robot Chicken Team

Star Wars Celebration was held this weekend and this big news was a brand new Star Wars tv show, but not the one you were looking for. DETOURS is an animated comedy version of the Star Wars universe from the Robot Chicken team of Todd Grimes, Seth Green & Matt Senreich. The show will be […]

High Society negatives go up in flames

Very sad news. Even as a recent Kickstarter campaign had raised money for a new digital edition of Dave Sim’s seminal “High Society” storyline in CEREBUS, in a horrible stroke of irony, all of those negatives and all the digital scans made from them have gone up in flames, as the home of Sandeep Atwal burned to the ground. Sim updated the situation on the Moment of Cerebus page:

Vacation, vashmaytion

What could possibly happen in the week before Labor Day? We tell ourselves that every year, and every year something wild and wacky happens, like Disney buying Marvel, or Rob Liefeld becoming the Twitter Assassin. Despite temptation, we’re still taking some time off this week to view historical sites around the US. Todd Terrific is also indisposed this week, and I think Sterling Steve is also on vacation. Tireless Torsten and Jaunty Jessica are still at the helm, however.

The New York Comics and Picture-Story Symposium Brings Professionals Together

In New York City, an active community of professionals working in comics and image-text combinations hopes to share their knowledge and benefit from the experience of others in the field. The New York Comics and Picture-story Symposium is a collective for trading stories, tips, critiques, and encouragement in a fresh setting by combining the social with the educational.

Rob Liefeld Vs. Honey Badger

By Todd Allen As Rob Liefeld’s Twitter feed continues to joust with the likes of Tom Brevoort and Scott Snyder, it’s time to steal a tactic from DC and Marvel.  Yes, it’s an Internet meme crossover: Rob Liefeld vs. Honey Badger.

R.I.P. Jerry Nelson

________________________________________________________________________ The New York Times reports that Jerry Nelson, noted Muppet performer, has passed away due to complications from emphysema.  The Muppet wikia notes his full biography, and his legacy, both on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, is amazing.  Like the interchangeable Whatnot Muppets, Jerry Nelson was versatile, using his talents to fill numerous […]