2013 WonderCon will be in Anaheim — or maybe San Francisco

This answers some questions yet raises more:

MUST LISTEN: Audio of the 1954 Senate Comic Book hearings

While the finding of the check for $130 which National presented to Siegel and Shuster might have been a high point of this year’s comic history, here’s a strong contender for another: the actual audio of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings on comic books.

Preview: Popeye #4

Apropos of absolutely nothing apart from it just made me laugh, cackle and cough, here are some preview pages for issue #4 of IDW’s Popeye miniseries. Released next Wednesday, the creative team for this are Roger Langridge, Tom Neely, Luke McDonnell,and Vince Musacchia.

Cartoonists doing things: MariNaomi goes to the Galapagos

If you think all indie cartoonists ever do is brush their teeth and gaze at their drawing board, MariNaomi’s diary this week at TCJ should disprove that as she travels around South America and goes to the Galapagos Islands!