Preview: Pope Hats #3

Ethan Rilly’s POPE HATS is a throwback to the golden era of indie comic books—a time undreamed of when LOVE AND ROCKETS and EIGHTBALL and HATE and YUMMY FUR came out every two months or so, and the comics periodical was an actual discrete unit of entertainment. It’s also a reference to the finely observed, beautifully drawn comics…and yeah, it only comes out once a year or so, but it’s worth waiting for.

Hours of fun: Nevins' The Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes

Comics Scholar Jess Nevins is all the way up to Doctor Doom (I) in the Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes which is…just what it sounds like, and already has hundreds of entries. Best known for his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen annotations, and other detailed annotations for revered comics series, this encyclopedia looks to be even more time consuming.

Whedon-driven SHIELD pilot a go at ABC

Showing that they were anxious to pass the Hollywood IQ test about spinning off a popular movie into a TV show run by an experienced TV vet who also directed the popular movie, ABC has ordered a pilot for a SHIELD TV show, to be guided by AVENGERS director Joss Whedon, Deadline reports. Whedon will co-write the pilot along with brother Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen (who is Jed’s wife). This is the trio responsible for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and other Whedon-verse projects, so get ready to start that letter writing campaign right now.

Alternate opening for The Avengers

Via Alyssa Rosenberg: Yahoo’s got an alternate look at what could have been the beginning of The Avengers, and what would have been a striking, and fascinatingly, different movie: One of the most underdeveloped elements of The Avengers—or one of the most interesting pieces of setup for a future film, depending on how it’s played—was […]